Navy Race Fit Cycling Jersey Tomas Lacque

$54 $101
  • 3/4 Laser Cut Sleeves
  • Full Hem Gripper
  • Moisture Wicking Technical Fabrics
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Our slim fit cycling jersey is designed to match a race silhouette, whilst combining features to support longer periods in the saddle.

This Tomas Lacque designed jersey forms part of the artist collection we have launched for 2021.

Simplifying the practice of graffiti to the extreme, Tomas Lacque replaces it with three-dimensional forms at the border between minimal sculpture and shaped canvas (Franck Stella)The graffiti is sublimated in a minimal gesture, an essential and referenced choreographic hint, in discussion with the history of painting and its object, the painting.

Lazer cut body-form fabric sleeves sit at 3/4 just above the elbow, with a silicone injected gripper to reduce slippage. This makes the jersey super comfortable on your arms, without ever digging into your skin. Also makes your arms look a bit ripped, so there are some extra gains in there.

To the back of the jersey there are 3 x rear pockets, with a reflective zipper to the central pocket. The pockets have been made a bit deeper, so you can put your phone in as well as gels, bananas or homemade trail mix in a ziplock bag. Your call on that, but the thick embossed silicone gripper strip will keep the jersey in place, and will keep your garms looking sleek, so you can focus on your fuel. 

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