Women's Long Sleeve Jerseys


    Women's Cycling Jerseys

    Step into the world of cycling fashion with our women's long sleeve jerseys, inspired by the chic aesthetics of Paria.cc. Designed for the modern cyclist, our jerseys seamlessly blend style and performance. Crafted from premium, moisture-wicking fabrics, they keep you dry and comfortable throughout your ride.

    The sleek, form-fitting silhouette ensures aerodynamic efficiency, while the long sleeves provide extra coverage and protection against the elements. With bold and vibrant designs that turn heads on the road, our jerseys are a statement of individuality and passion for cycling. Elevate your riding experience with our women's long sleeve jerseys, where fashion meets function in perfect harmony.

    Stand out, together

    We don't play it safe with cut-and-paste graphics or done-to-death colourways. We collaborate with artists, designers, and illustrators to create something inspiring that promotes a friendly and inclusive attitude to cycling.

    Suitably Short

    Forget the cotton castoffs and department store duds. You, the solitary rider, deserve a garment that speaks to the untamed spirit within. Enter the Paria short-sleeve cycling jerseys.

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    About Paria

    We set out to create something new for cyclists that couples urban influences with the grit and fervour of the countryside, so we aim to design apparel that delivers exceptional performance and looks great, without ever compromising on technical ability or durability.

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