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    24 products

    cycling musette

    Our cycling musette is the perfect companion for your rides, combining practicality and style. Designed for easy access on the move, this lightweight bag features a secure closure and an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit. It's ideal for carrying essentials like snacks, tools, and personal items. With its sleek design and cycling-inspired aesthetics, our musette seamlessly transitions from bike rides to casual outings, making it a versatile addition to any cyclist's kit.

    cool casquettes

    Cycling caps offer sun and rain protection, manage sweat, fit under helmets, and provide warmth in cool weather. They enhance comfort and style both on and off the bike.

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    Stand out, together

    We don't play it safe with cut-and-paste graphics or done-to-death colourways. We collaborate with artists, designers, and illustrators to create something inspiring that promotes a friendly and inclusive attitude to cycling.

    Long Sleeve Jerseys

    A badge of honour for those who chase the horizon in all weathers. More than just a journey; it's a battle against the elements, a test of your mettle, and a relentless pursuit of pushing your boundaries. Our long-sleeve jerseys are built to stand beside you, every mile a testament to your unwavering spirit.

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    About Paria

    We set out to create something new for cyclists that couples urban influences with the grit and fervour of the countryside, so we aim to design apparel that delivers exceptional performance and looks great, without ever compromising on technical ability or durability.

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