Men's Long Sleeve Cycling Jerseys


    Long sleeve Cycling Jerseys

    Long sleeve cycling jerseys have surged in popularity due to several key factors. Firstly, they offer enhanced protection from the elements, shielding riders from the sun's rays, wind, and even cooler temperatures, extending their comfort range across various weather conditions. Additionally, the longer sleeves provide additional coverage, reducing the need for extra layers or arm warmers, streamlining the rider's kit and promoting a more aerodynamic profile. Long sleeve jerseys also often feature advanced moisture-wicking properties, keeping riders dry and comfortable during intense rides. Lastly, the rise in popularity of endurance and gravel cycling has contributed to the demand for long sleeve jerseys, as they offer versatility and performance for longer, off-road adventures.

    Suitably Short

    Forget the cotton castoffs, badly fitting hand me down tee and chain store duds. You, deserve better than that - a garment that speaks to the untamed spirit within. Enter the Paria short-sleeve cycling jerseys.

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    Stand out, together

    We don't play it safe with cut-and-paste graphics or done-to-death colourways. We collaborate with artists, designers, and illustrators to create something inspiring that promotes a friendly and inclusive attitude to cycling.

    About Paria

    We set out to create something new for cyclists that couples urban influences with the grit and fervour of the countryside, so we aim to design apparel that delivers exceptional performance and looks great, without ever compromising on technical ability or durability.

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