Paria X Slektion Artist Series : Saïd Kinos

Graphic cycling jersey

Paria X Slektion Artist Series forms a staple part of our cycling kit collection for 2021. The objective: bring together a range of artistic styles which both contradicted and complimented the Paria vibe.  No brief has been given with the feeling it is best to let the artist have full control over the resulting work and not be hampered by a well meaning PDF.

Typography cycling jersey

At the heart of the project is the Paria ethos of collaboration. Paria has always looked to work with like minded people, raising awareness of not only cycling but the brand, product, team/collective who has kindly given us the opportunity to work with them. Work for the greater good and don't be a dick.

Okinawa Street Art Japan

Saïd Kinos spin on cycling kit has taken the clean PARIA logo and mashed it up with his definitive abstract typographical meld. With a subtle colour palette the result is dialled back but stand out. 

Typographical Cycling Kit

Saïd Kinos is an artist who lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. His work expresses a fascination for the way people communicate with each other. Communication through language, symbols and (social) media is one of the main sources of inspiration for his work. Through a background in graffiti and a bachelor degree in Graphic Design, Saïd developed a strong passion for typography and other visual forms of communication.

Chinese street art

Over the past few months Saïd’s practice has shifted towards a focus on language and the relation of it to abstraction. An exploration of language taken out of its original context and how certain pieces of language become abstract once taken out of their context. Because the the sole purpose of language is to convey specific meaning, the juxtaposition between the inherent meaning of language and the ability to become abstract and subjective for people is where the current interest of Saïd’s practice lays.

 Kunsthal Rotterdam Street art

Saïd Kinos works from his studio in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, but his work is displayed in the public space all over the world. Japan, the US and France to name a few examples.