Custom Kit X Outlands

If you're here then it's likely your arse likes to perch on a slim, barely padded bit of leather while your legs propel you, at varying speeds through your local roads. We would like you to get the most from your riding so before we proceed pop over HERE and enter our comp to win 10, yes TEN custom cycling kits.

Welcome, you are part of the global collective on two wheels, cue intangibly smooth segway into some chat about a smaller collective...wait for it. 

OUTLANDS, a group of riders from the north east of the UK who have taken it upon themselves to be the best dressed collective of riders in their part of the world. How you might ask, just how have they done it? 

Custom cycling kit, that's how and more specifically Paria Custom Cycling Kit.  Freedom, fresh air and faff are all part of it, some combination of these superlatives and obligatory cafe stops are the thing that make Outlands push pedals all year round. A bit of Cross and Gravel riding through the colder months before donning the short sleeve jerseys, cycling gilets and white cycling socks to battle the slopes of Northern England.

We've featured the riders from Outlands before (link) and no doubt will do again because these guys (our designer being one of them) embody the spirit of why we make custom team kit. They're not necessarily pushing their limits every ride but what they are doing is enjoying riding their bikes, with mates, pulling into a different cafe on their weekend"Bun Run" makes it all worthwhile.

Every year the collective do a few big rides, Coast to Coast or a big route that takes them somewhere new. After much route tinkering a route was planned between Durham, the home of the group to Leeds and North Brewing Co, the home of well nice beer! Of course the lads were head to toe in their fresh Paria custom kit and ABUS Stormchaser helmets, cheers Mike at ExtraUK!

One day, two stops and more than three beers to finish clad in the sweet Outlands kit the group rolled out in the shadow of Durham Cathedral on a ride that took in peaks, troughs, bonks and beers, this video is a story of that day. 

We'd also like to give a huge shout to Cam & Max who are TaPe and kindly allowed us to use their track Trip to Flip in this video, if you like the feel of it then check them out on Bandcamp.