We’ve always had a passion for the irreverent and alternative, whether this be design, attitude or even out look. To be fair, we’ve prided ourselves on this, but it means we’ve sometimes ended up feeling like the odd one out.

Take this raison d’etre, and twin it with a keen eye for design and all things unconventional then you have the makings of Paria.

Our aim was borne out of a desire to deliver something fresh into the cycling market taking urban influences and attitude, coupled with the grit and fervor driven out of the Yorkshire countryside.

Our objective is to design apparel which will deliver exceptional performance with no compromises in either technical ability or durability. We have made it our mission to design and manufacture top class apparel and kit which will take some stick and still look good.

How are we doing this? Rather than get a sweat shop of creatives and bespectacled hipsters, we are working with up and coming designers and artists from a range of disciplines; illustrators, digital specialists and bamboo tattoo artists.

Have a gander through our website to see the results, then give us a shout with your feedback; or just buy some kit and wear it with pride.