Women's Elite Cycling Black Bib Shorts

  • Super soft bib straps
  • Flat lock stitching
  • Minimal branding
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Our Elite Black Women's cycling bib shorts are a high end combination of premium Italian fabrics sourced to offer a blend of performance and comfort. 

Lota 210g polyamide fabric offer support on the bike whilst being subtle enough to pair with any cycling jersey. The supersoft comfort of the mesh anatomic bib, combined with flush fit printed silicone gripper means the short stays in place no matter how you put the watts down.

The challenge of spending longer periods in the saddle is addressed head on with a YBC (Your body contour) anatomic multi density 3d pad with antibacterial outer layer. Combined with a perforated contour padding for efficient moisture management - your extremities will be able to deal with extreme duress

Muted branding, and a sleek continuous pre-dyed black wicking fabric means your legs are covered for any cycling wardrobe option

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