Paria X Yorkshire Grit

The Yorkshire Grit  podcast is presented by Tom Bustard and Dr Tom and aimed at unlocking the stigma linked to male mental health, and beyond. Bringing sensitive subjects to the fore, no topic is off limits, and whilst the roots are in cycling the guests are varied from Connor Swift to the more eccentric (and often controversial) owner of Mamnick.  The resulting aural content matches this eclectic nature.

Forged out of hard times Yorkshire grit was never meant to be popular but the sole aim back on new year eve 2018 was to help one person. Since then the good cop bad cop duo of Dr Tom and Tommy bustard have interviewed Olympians, Turner prize winners, entrepreneurs and survivors.

This has never been about self promotion instead aiming for brutal honesty, throwing a spot light on what drives people, what causes people to do what they do. Discovering what makes people tick, what fuels and drives them is a real passion for the Tom's.  Hearing this inspiration, and bring it to a wider audience has become passion. Stand out guest for Tom B is Colin Sturgess, and utopia would be the iconic Tyson Fury.

If you try and distill the formula for Yorkshire grit - there is still no set answer, podcast? Charity? Movement ? Think working men’s club, pint of bitter and a betting slip wrapped up in a “Banksy” then you might be heading in the right direction. To be honest all that matters to them is that they talk honestly and get other people talking honestly. Where the journey goes is uncharted territory.


Yorkshire Grit Tee


We've worked with Tom (s) to bring you a t-shirt - just a small project to bring added profile to something we feel has genuine worth, and will allow the guys to continue to bring some valuable experiences to a wider audience.


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