Meet the artist: Provox x PARIA

We love working with artists who bring their unique sub-culture influences and inspiration to our kit.

In the latest instalment of the PARIA//Slektion artist's collection, French native Provox brings 90's motocross vibes to this cycling jersey design... 

What’s your name and where you do come from?

My name is PROVOX, I’m from Nice (South of France), and been living in Paris for 6 years now.

What fuels your inspiration?

I've been interested in art since a very young age but discovered graffiti pretty late, around 2007. My inspiration comes from a wide variety of artists with such different styles, from Caravaggio to Victor Vasarely or Demsky

Do you ride a bike?

When I was a little boy my father used to bring me to an airfield in south of France every weekend so he could fly as he was a pilot, and I was let on my own with my bike for the whole day.

This feeling of being able to go wherever I wanted with my bike on the airfield was just pure freedom. I spent hours from morning to sunset riding and since I’ve never stopped riding. I raced downhill freeride for about 5 years and I just love that world

PARIA describes being an outcast and it’s exactly the way I felt during those times, living a true lifestyle. And now, my life is based on travelling and graffiti, a real Paria

It was important to me to reflect those designs inspired from freeride to my collaboration with Paria, mixing the whole thing with my current style. 

Available to order now

The Provox jersey is constructed from recycled fabric with four way stretch and a slimmer silhouette.

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