PaperBoy - Show time


It's here.

Ride day.

Looking forward to seeing you all today.

There's over 170 of you riding today, so it's going to be a good one.

There has been a bit of concern on the weather. It's looking like matching Friday for changeable conditions. Thunder showers seem to be around 9pm so won't affect proceedings, but as will all these things just ride within your limits should weather take a turn for the worse and take care in a responsible manner.

Not much to add to the previous post to be honest.

Given the numbers we are going to try our best to get people away in waves, so do bear with us. Bit of a logistical nightmare.

If you can rack your bikes on entry (bring that lock too) and head into the brewery where we will be signing people on, and sorting out a little treat.

Dave from Laynes will be on site from 7.30am with coffee brewing, and one of the North Brewing Co or Paria team will be able to help with any questions (Paria guys will be in Paria tees!)

We will be taking photos on the day, and will post a link out to our Facebook page after the event to get you to tag and share.

Any last minute questions, email

Or just give us a shout and a fist bump when you are arrive


Big Love Sam & Sarah and the teams