ILLWOOKIE X PARIA - Featuring Nicholas Cage

Adding to our growing catalogue of collaborations in the cycling world, we have partnered with Brighton based artist Will Richards.

Will's illustrative style has seen him work with luminaries such as P&Co, Dark Arts Coffee, and a start up challenger sportswear brand called Nike.

The Illwookie vibe fits like a silken glove over the Paria aesthetic with stand out irreverent illustrations often with an old school influence. We were stoked when he agreed to partner with us on a kit, and soon to follow tees and hoodie design.

It's always good to understand how our collaborators see the cycling apparel market, and the world of two wheels in general, so we had a fireside chat (god I hate that phrase) with Will

What’s your name and where you do come from?
My name is Will Richards and I live in Brighton
Illwooke Artist AKA Will Richards
Do you actually ride a bike?!
I do! I've always loved riding bikes but recently have got into gravel riding around the South Downs, there's so many good little trails through woods that lead up to the top of a big hill with amazing views across the downs that you just don't get with road riding.
I definitely consider myself a social rider and not a hill climbing junkie.... I'm not out here trying to get KOM's, I like to take it pretty easy and maybe stop at a pub on route. I'm also looking forward to doing some bike-packing and camping on the trails this year too! I tried to get this riding style across in my jersey design with Paria with the chunky bulldog struggling to make it up a hill.
Artistic influences
For me influences are a constantly revolving door. I go through phases of being super inspired by things like old 50's cartoons, vintage metal band tee's, Japanese Kaiju monsters, to playing dungeons and dragons. These concepts and ideas are developed and cross over into my work, whilst at the same time injecting a little humour -  keeping it all pretty light hearted. 
What do you like Paria - how did you find out about us?
When I got my gravel bike I went looking for jersey's and stumbled across Paria's collab jersey with Deya brewery. I had recently worked on a collaboration beer can label with them, so naturally I had to have it. Looking through the rest of the store, I noticed a few other collabs with brands and artists that I'm a fan of, so I instantly knew Paria was the brand for me. 
Any ambitions for colabs in the future - living or dead!
Nicholas Cage, I don't know how, why or what it would even look like. But I just know it would magical and chaotic.