Flare Personal Protection

We've teamed up with the lovely people over at Flare to offer a Free Premium account to all riders on the Paperboy.

Flare automatically detects if you have an incident or fall (a crash in our terms) and alerts your emergency contacts if you are unresponsive.

You can use the Liveshare (formally Groupsafe) so as a team you know you are all doing well if anyone goes AWOL

For our Leeds sportive style ride we are offering Flare so people off all abilities can ride out with us. If you want to come along with your mates and they are race snakes, and you like a more leisurely experience we've got you covered so you can feel safer out on the roads. 

Bit of Flare info for you...

Did you know that 7 out of 10 incidents are totally avoidable? Flare protects individuals and families through its lifesaving technology, providing individuals the confidence and safety they deserve.


Once Flare detects an incident or fall, a 30 second countdown begins. If the individual is unresponsive or doesn’t cancel the 30 second countdown, an alert is sent to your emergency contacts with your exact location using What3Words, enabling you to get help. Due to Flare’s intelligent algorithm, the app can detect what is and isn’t a serious incident, giving Flare users and their loved one’s peace of mind that help is always available.


Launched in November 2019, Flare is an outdoor activities personal safety app that was developed after one of its founders was seriously injured whilst out cycling. Having saved four lives all ready, Flare is trusted by professional cycling teams as the official safety provider for, Team Novo Nordic, Australian Cycling and Team Bahrain Victorious.


Since being available online, Flare quickly grew through the use of cycling and other road activities, establishing ourselves as the reliable road safety app amongst the cycling community. The creation of Flare’s hazards feature and being able to request mechanical assistance, gives cyclists confidence that they can be safe and get help quickly, regardless of their situation.


As the Flare app enhances the safety of cyclists and road users, having a tool such as Flare provides parents the peace of mind that their children are safe and protected whilst out on the roads. As adventurous as children are, Flare provides parents with the comfort that their child / children can get help urgently if they are to be involved in an accident or fall, equipping the parent to pinpoint their child’s exact location with Flare’s amazing technology.


In addition, you can:

  • Send SOS alerts to emergency contacts if you are feeling unsafe and vulnerable by simply tapping the back of your phone three times.
  • Report hazards and be notified of upcoming hazards by the Flare community
  • Request community assistance by sending alerts to nearby Flare users