Beers & Bikes & Kit Design

As the Paria fam has grown, there has been corresponding blooming of collaborations between Paria and the craft brewing world.


The independent beer scene is a natural playground for a lot of riders who enjoy a credit/ debit relationship with their riding habits. Riding collectives linked to tap rooms, satellite bars and the beer brands themselves have become increasingly popular and we have loved supporting with kit and apparel.

The creative flair and visual nature of the beer brands who play in the scene coupled with the general good vibes approach to life created a natural home for Paria link ups.

With us slowly becoming turn to kit suppliers for the brewing industry, we were chuffed to be approach by the team at Beercast Leeds to take part in a conversation around the relationship between beers and bikes.

The team have been touring around Leeds chatting to brewing stalwarts and newcomers alike - and we joined them at Amity Brew Co in Farsley.

Listen away!