paperboy 8 + fire sale

Phwoar, another year another Paperboy!

Can’t wait to see you all in your Saturday finest.

There’s a few important things you need to know, so buckle up.

Event address:


(Please don't go to the North Brewing Co tap on Sovereign Street in the city centre, or to the Paria Caf -  you’ll be lonely)


Registration opens at 8am and we’ll be sending you out in waves between 9 and 9.30am. 

Coffee will be available from 8am so get registered, have a brew, and be ready. 


There is on street parking in the local area, and the nearest secure paid parking is either Woodhouse Lane or Trafalgar Street. Both are ride-able from Springwell, with Trafalgar Street having a cycle path all the way (£6 all day). There’s enough bike racks at springwell for everyone.

Dress code

Wear what tf you like. HOWEVER, if you rep Paria kit you’ll warm our cold dead hearts and make it all feel worthwhile. A little validation never hurt no one. 


Everyone is a Road Rider -



- Everyone gets a complimentary tinny on return

- Tables outside the brewery will be reserved for riders

- As always, you'll also get a Paperboy goodie bag full of surprises

- Legendary street food vendors Little Bao Boy will be selling food

- Bangin’ tunes from a real life DJ (and his entourage)

- Chill out, chat to us, chat to each other. Make some new mates, meet your future partner, start planning the demise of the motor vehicle, whatever makes you happy. 


We’ll be bringing loads of hugely reduced Sale items on the day. We’ll be accepting card payment only so break your piggy banks and toddle on down to the bank before you rock up. 

Honestly, it’s gonna be ace. Thanks for supporting us. We’ll see you on Saturday

Big love x