Our Top 5 Custom Team Cycling Kits

Since the very beginnings of Paria, we've worked with clubs, collectives, brands and businesses, groups of mates and lone rangers, to create the custom cycling kit of dreams that looks dope and delivers on performance, no matter how hard you ride.

Since we're running a competition to win free custom cycling kit for you and your crew, we thought we'd share some design inspo from our all-time favourites...

Top 5 Paria Custom Cycling Kits of all time (so far!) 


Outlands Project Custom Cycling Kit


  1. Outlands Project

This kit encapsulate everything we love at Paria - designed for a new-school cycling club in the north east, where the emphasis is on getting out and having a laugh. We loved this playful pastel delight so much we offered to sell it on our website. 

About the team: Three rides a week: A chaingang (hard and fast), a club night (no drop social ride for all abilities)... And everyones favourite, the weekend Bun Run (new cafe each week, coffee, cake, chat).


Paria Magic Rock Race Team Kit

2. Paria Magic Rock Racing

Can't beat a bit of nepotism.... PMRR (Paria Magic Rock Racing) is our own born and bred crew, bringing together a couple of our favourite things: beer and bikes.

Mashing up the psychedelic (award winning!) designs of legendary Huddersfield brewery Magic Rock, this unique jersey ensures the kit stands out against glorious Yorkshire backdrops come rain or shine. The go-faster font is gnarly. The colours are stunning. You might call this look "intense but approachable".


Clash Cycling Kit Mr Penfold design

3. Clash Racing

We've been working with the Clash crew for a good few years now, collaborating on kit, content and much more... Big things beckon for 2022, but we've taken it back to 2019 for this absolute banger, linking in with Bristol-based artist Mr. Penfold to create one of the best-loved designs we've ever made.

With clashing patterns, electrifying colours and bold elements of monochrome, it's sheer animal madness and it knocked our bloody socks off. 

Team Trouble Crit Team

4. Team Trouble

Ah, these boys.... COVID might have kicked the ass out of the NL Crit series, but our hearts are still with Team Trouble. Hitting it hard on the international crit scene, and all-round top humans, their kits are always on point and their chat is always dialled.

We have big love for their kit, with sunset colours and trippy oilslick swirls, it's a fitting representation for "the sexiest team out there".

Rad Race Cycling Kit

5. Rad Race Crew

This lot are based in Hamburg, and although we can't read their website because it's all in German, it looks like they have a lot of fun on bikes!

We've produced a couple of kit collabs with the Rad Race Crew and it's always a huge pleasure to design slick, minimal apparel which is (in their own words) "away from the dusty image of the cycling world". Amen! 

Feeling inspired?

If we've whet your appetite, get in touch to make a start on your own design custom cycling kit!