Rewarding our community

After raising over £330,000 to support our growth plans, we are heading towards the close of our Ride Hard Raise on Seedrs . 
We've had a phenomenal response from our community to the campaign and we are totally blown away and extremely thankful so many of you are invested in the brand and committed to taking it up a gear
PARIA Ride hard investment raise rewards
There is still time to take advantage of our rewards though for signing up and investing through Seedrs. We've got some amazing perks for people who invest with an annual discount, swag and a bit of indelible ink for your rig.
Paria ride hard raise tattoo
There's more to follow on the Ride Hard Raise tattoo - but we would never ask you to do something we wouldn't be prepared to do ourselves, so look forward to seeing the team going under the needle to show their commitment to the brand
PARIA Eyewear
Check out the full scope of the PARIA investor rewards below and head over to Seedrs for more info on what you need to do next. You can invest from as little as £16 to own a piece of PARIA and really come along for the ride
Paria investor rewards 2023
And if you are feeling flush and fancy really dialling up your pledge  - we have some special kit just for you
Ride Hard Raise £5k + Investor rewards
We want as many of our community with us as we scale - the money we have raised so far is already unlocking some new products for 2023 in our range, and we can't wait to give you more of the PARIA you love
Sam & the team x