Grammar Studio: Graphic designers who don't ride bikes?!

PARIA is built on collaboration - it's in the DNA of what we do and forms an essential part of our aesthetic. When we link in with brands and businesses, we aim to create something fresh which genuinely adds value to both parties.

Meet Adam and Pete,  a.k.a Grammar Studio

Grammar studio baseball card

It was through one of these serendipitous link ups (this time via our friends at Magic Rock brewing) we were introduced to Pete O'Toole, and Adam Gill who form Grammar Studio, based in Huddersfield.

Adam and Pete have worked with some of our favourite super brands and really hit the sweet spot when it came to capturing the Paria vibe, leading to some legendary best-sellers (see: Ride Hard JerseySpokskalle jersey).

Like a pair of Yorkshire Daft Punks, neither of them wanted you to see their faces - so you will have to work up an image in your mind from the words below..
What’s your name(s) and where you do come from?
PO: Pete O'Toole and I'm Huddersfield born and bred.
AG: I am Adam G and I’m also from right here in sunny Huddersfield. 

Star sign? Eye colour? 
PO: Stone-cold Scorpio blue
AG: I don’t acknowledge star signs. Eyes are BLUE.
PARIA Look Both Ways Cycling jersey
Do you ride bikes?
PO: I haven't ridden a bike since 1997 and I have no intention of starting now.
AG: I tried my best when I lived in Manchester and got in to fixies, but honestly, the roads scared the shit out of me and I stopped. Then I moved to a village that's in a valley and that’s no place for a fixie, even with these quads.

Why do you like working with Paria?
PO: I don’t….awkward, very needy with a real diva attitude. You couldn't wish for a worse client*.
AG: Being able to work to print nowadays is a privilege and especially on fabric. We love sport and ‘sport uniforms’, so being able to apply our creative in this way is perfect for us. As Pete says, the freedom is a huge thing, too. 

What would be your dream creative project?

PO: I've been lucky to work with some top brands, I have my own trainers with adidas (Quotoole). Working with adidas and Nike, The New Yorker were big milestones for me. I also got hired to do the social media art by Manchester United when Ronaldo signed from Juventus.
AG: We’re doing pretty well with the dream jobs, but to be involved with a record label has still not happened - that’s why I got into this biz! I was a small part of that overall project when Pete got his face on the adidas trainer, so that was absolutely amazing to be involved with, but I’ve also worked with Nike on some real gritty brand roll-out stuff, I wrote the entire brand guidelines for Europe’s biggest gym chain and been part of a small bunch that started a pretty well-known football magazine - they were all good projects!

How do you like to work?

PO: I like a brief that has a clear outcome but also gives me a bit of freedom on the way to get there, I like a client to trust that I know what I am talking about. 
AG: Style-wise we’re kind of all-rounders and we like the variation that comes with that. And like Pete says, the best jobs are when the client lets us take it and deliver our vision. Whenever we get a brief the thing we say is 'How can we do this work in the most exciting way?’ which makes us more enthusiastic to do the work and ultimately, the client gets a better job.
Design and Brand Huddersfield
What does the future hold - anything you are getting amped for?
AG: Yeah! We are part of a small team of who had the idea to do an art exhibition based on football fan culture, and from the first conversation in a pub in Hamburg 5 or 6 years ago we’ve managed to be really fortunate and meet the right people to make it a reality, a pretty big reality to be honest!
The show opens at the Walker Gallery in Liverpool in November and runs for about 4 months, then hopefully it will be able to tour (thanks to the good people at the British Arts Council). Look out for it!