Brixton Outsider Ride June 12th 2022


This weekend...

PARIAs first London ride out, hosted by our friends at Brixton Brewery, is all set for this Sunday 12th June.

We’re looking forward to saying hello and stoked that you’ll be riding out with us 🤘🏼

But for now some practical & important stuff...

What to wear... turn up in Paria and receive a 20% discount code on all Paria' kit (including sales items)

Brixton Brewery, Unit 1&2 Dylan Road, London, SE24 0HL (Google Maps pin)
GPS Location: 51°27'38.0"N 0°06'09.1W


(IMPORTANT: Do not go to the Brixton Brewery Taproom.

The event is at the main production site which is the location above).


If you’re riding that’s great, just pop the address or GPS location into a route planner and you’re golden. Save some energy for the main event!

There is no car parking on site at the brewery. There is free parking on the local roads surrounding the brewery and while there should be free spaces we can't guarantee how close to the brewery you’ll be able to find a spot. Be sure to leave enough time to find a spot and unload. We'd ask that if you drive to please respect the local residence.

The closest train stations to the brewery are Loughborough Junction, Herne Hill or Brixton. From any of these stations you’ll be looking at a sub 5mins spin to get to the brewery site.

The site will be open from 07:45 on the day and registration should be fairly quick and painless. Pre-ride coffee will be available, you’ll have time to chat with your mates and you can also collect a free OTE nutrition bar to help fuel the ride.

We’ll be releasing riders in groups from 09:00.


We have tested the route and all is well! Remember, to navigate the route you will need to download the file to your bike computer or phone. 


There are two download options:

STRAVA: The route can be found on the Strava Event page.

GPX file via RIDEWITHGPS: Use this link to access the route and “Send to Device” to get the file in your Wahoo/Garmin/phone.

Heads up on a few things…

1. The route is not marked, you need to follow the map on your computer/phone. IF you see any arrows posted on trees or bushes these are for a different event!

2. This is an open road ride. Be mindful of traffic on busy roads and of on-coming vehicles on tight lanes and blind corners.

3. This is not a race! Everyone wins a free pint so just have fun and stay safe.

4. Keep an eye out for walkers and those on horseback. If you meet with either then slow down and pass quietly.

4. At the 75km mark there is a road closure. Just take the short pedestrian detour (c.10 metres) and then you’re good to go again.



  • At 42k, The Velo Barn have free gels and water bottle refills for riders plus coffee, tea & cakes to purchase.
  • At 78k, ExN Social are giving away a free organic energy ball (developed by Michelin star chef) and you can buy one last hit of caffeine from Vinnie’s in-house micro-batch roasted coffee.

Believe it or not the forecast is looking clear, warm and sunny! Although this has probably now been jinxed

Be sure your bike is in tip-top shape…check it, clean it, lube it as you always do before a ride (you do do that don't you???!) 👊

We won't have any mobile support on the ride - you will be out there all on your lonesome so make sure you have a back up plan if any technicals bless you with their presence.

We will be sending a link to Flare which will help in any emergencies and also give you a free premium membership for a year (this will follow in a separate email)


Special treats all round:

Collect your cycling musette bag with plenty of goodies

Grab a complimentary Victory pint

Caress your complimentary Victory can

Scran down some food on site which will be on site purchase

Big thanks again to all of our OUTSIDER partners...


(PS - if you think one of your mates hasn't seen this - can you send them the link?!? Just to cover all our bases)