Artist Collaboration - Slektion: Laia

In conjunction with Slektion, over the next few months we will collate a collection of designs from artists from around the globe across a range cycling apparel.

To launch our artist collaboration with the guys at Slektion, we have linked up with Spanish artists Laia.

Laia Artist

Throughout Paria's humble life, we have collaborated with designers and artists from outside the cycling world, bringing a fresh perspective on cycling kit design. We like to give artists no brief and no direction, a tactic which often sounds counter intuitive but  their interpretation of life on two wheels.

Laia's bold graphical style immediately switched us up gear and her designs will ensure there is no doubt you are Paria.

Laia Street Artist

What’s your name and where do you come from?

My name is Laia and I am from the city of Barcelona.


A little bit about you - what drives you, where do you find your inspiration?

Traveling around the world and living millions of experiences, knowing different places and people, I am inspired by everything that my eyes see every day, mixtures of colors, shapes, drawings, etc.

Laia Thanks YOU


Graffiti seems to be a pretty much male dominated culture – what’s your take on this on how do you cope with it?

It really is, although today there are many women painting graffiti, but there are still many more men.  I think that women must fight against stigmas and do what we really like, even if it is a man's world.  Thus, one day, it will be an equal world for all.

What’ next for Laia?

What's next for Laia?  My life has changed a lot lately, I am focused only on my projects and on making a living doing what I like the most, so I hope I can continue living what I love and receive many more projects just as incredible as this Paria one!