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Worry and Peace Bespoke Cycling Kit

Paria X Worry and Peace going tandem in style – Fashion Forward  Bespoke Cycling Kit

Exciting and bold collaboration for new ecommerce store and premium cycling brand, celebrating the fact that “bad luck needn’t suck”

To celebrate the launch of our new own-branded cycle insurance product, we’re launching Worry+Peace X. The first campaign is with the quite awesome Paria – the freshest cycle brand on the block.

X is a series of invite-only collaborations with some of the most cutting-edge and challenging lifestyle brands and startups. This first alliance sees Worry+Peace and Paria creating a series of cycling apparel designs. The winning limited edition will be voted for by social media – with entrants getting the chance to win a cycling jersey for their input!

Want to vote?

Simply tweet us, changing “X” with your preferred number! Scroll down to see the designs in detail.

“@worryandpeace @pariacc #NoXWPxParia” (103 characters.)

(Oh, and following us both doesn’t hurt, either, does it…)

“We’re all about lifestyle, so this collaboration to develop our creative mantra with other inspiring brands is really exciting,” says Worry+Peace founder, James York. “Paria are a fresh and confident challenger brand in the growing urban cycling market – and we relate to that!”

The collaboration will see a Worry+Peace “team” jersey designed by Paria made available for competition prizes and a limited run on the Paria site.

An initial cluster of designs have been created, but the choice is yours! With the winning design being picked by social media votes – you’re a tweet away from entering. Those that vote will get a chance to win one of the limited edition items.

“When you hear the word ‘insurance’, you usually cringe, flinch or wince. Or unwittingly do all three at once!” says Paria’s Sam Morgan. “Weirdly, that wasn’t the case here. Worry+Peace told us about their mission and we saw a great brand fit. We’re all about challenging the way things are, so are they.”

The winning designs will also form part of an engagement strategy to gather stories from avid cyclists across the UK. “We just want to see all those lovely amateur riders donning some awesome Paria gear, with a dash of Worry+Peace style on it… Should be fun,” adds York.

Paria: Bespoke Cycling Kit


Noun 1. an outcast. a person who is rejected or cast out, as from home or society:

In the beginning the area was settled by outcasts, adventurers, and felons.

Given the above, we would imagine you are asking what is the connection to cycling? And especially bespoke cycling kit; Read on my friends….

We’ve always had a passion for the irreverent and alternative, whether this be design, attitude or even out look. To be fair, we’ve prided ourselves on this, but it means we’ve sometimes ended up feeling like the odd one out.

Take this raison d’etre, and twin it with a keen eye for design and all things unconventional then you have the makings of Paria.

Our aim was borne out of a desire to deliver something fresh into the cycling market taking urban influences and attitude, coupled with the grit and fervor driven out of the Yorkshire countryside.

Our objective is to design apparel which will deliver exceptional performance with no compromises in either technical ability or durability. We have made it our mission to design and manufacture top class apparel and kit which will take some stick and still look good.

How are we doing this? Rather than get a sweat shop of creatives and bespectacled hipsters, we are working with up and coming designers and artists from a range of disciplines; illustrators, digital specialists and bamboo tattoo artists.


Worry+Peace is the UK’s pre-eminent insurance store. Right now, their aim is to help personal insurance consumers through own-branded products with the minimum amount of fuss online and on mobile.

With bigger, bolder marketplace plans in progress and under close wraps, the brand has already expanded its own-branded range to include Travel, Phone and Gadget, and Cycle insurance, having invited customers to begin browsing through their beta earlier this year.

“We are strong believers in creativity and fun. Insurance as a product is tough to make sexy, but buying it can definitely be a better experience! We’ve only just begun our mission, the best is brewing.” says Worry+Peace founder, James York.

For further details on Worry+Peace X Paria head over to http://worryandpeace.com/worry-peace-x-paria-1208152/

See more on Worry+Peace at www.worryandpeace.com and more on Bespoke Cycling Kit by Paria, visit www.paria.cc

For further information, images or interview opportunities with Worry+Peace founder James York please contact Adam Hartley – [email protected] 

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