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There may be TROUBLE ahead

Paria X Team Trouble

There May Be Trouble Ahead but way back in the in the halcyon days of 2015, we were grappling with how to bring two fingers up cycling apparel to the masses, and looking at how we could work with like minded individuals and cycling teams who embodied the principles core to Paria.  As serendipity would have it,  we just happened to Insta-meet the guys from Dutch crit Team Trouble.  It was love at first DM.  As the name would suggest, there is more to these boys than riding bikes – they have a keen eye for design, love of craft ale/ strong IPA, don’t take themselves too seriously – generally loving life. Pretty much everything Paria stands for.

What initially began as a chat around Paria bespoke kit, developed into something bigger; it became clear there was a lot of overlap with outlook, philosophy and objectives to grow cycling, develop the no-nonsense, fuck you attitude of the scene and ultimately have a good time. Slowly a sponsorship agreement formulated, and the start of a beautiful friendship….

It took until April 2017 when we finally met face to face at Redhook Crit in London. Along with Mr Gnarly Muthafucka and Dan from 52mm collective, we had a Paria team huddle – and it was like we had known each other years. Whilst the performances in the heats might not have gone as planned, the good vibes in the Paria collective were strong.

There are strong plans in place for 2018, with a continuation of our sponsor relationship, and plans afoot to bring Team Trouble off-the-bike wear including 5 panels, tees and hoodies for starters. We are very much about the guys who rep Paria, they are at the centre of what we do, and the guys at Trouble have been instrumental in growing the Paria movement. We caught up with Trouble, and asked them to tell us a bit more about themselves, what drives them and what they love.

Who are Team Trouble?

We are a group of crit riders based in Amsterdam who take our cycling seriously but pretty much nothing else. We push ourselves physically at national and international crits and try to party as hard as we train and ride.

How we got together?

4 years ago Mark and Steve founded Team Trouble while riding alley cats, Dan our Aussie mate, who was in Holland at the time joined the team but sadly had to leave us to return home.

After some successes in Alley Cats we decided to switch to Fixed gear crits and started riding the Vast Verzet Bokaal, now known as NL Crit Series. At these criteriums and at some alley cats, we met Tom who had the same philosophy: Ride Bikes, Drink Beers and have fun doing it. Making the team stronger and faster became reality when Jos joined the following season in 2016.

Team Trouble

The riders behind the bars

Tom Bergman

27 and living in Amsterdam. Full time sales manager and freelance photographer. Grew up in a little town in the east of the Netherlands, studied in Groningen (up north, where the winter is coming) before moving to Amsterdam.

Why you ride?

First and foremost, because it’s fun! And what better thing to do than fun stuff with friends.
Next to that to develop myself, both physically and mentally. Cycling, amongst other sports which demand a lot of perseverance, pushes you to go the extra mile (quite literally). And what’s a better excuse to grab a beer than after a ride?!

Jos van der Linde

Living and riding in Amsterdam.

Works as an architect with riding in his blood from an early age on.

At the age of 8 started BMX-racing with some friends from the neighborhood at a local bmx-track, where over 13 years of practicing it, he conquered several podiums and wins in national competitions.

For the past 1,5 year Jos has been competing in fixed gear. The BMX experience of riding in a pack and taking tight corners are now very useful in the fixed gear racing, making Jos a technical rider, who is trying to speed up with the big guys.

Why you ride?

The spectacle of riding a fixed gear race is huge! The adrenaline, the tactics, and the clean set-up from the bikes and kits combined makes the scene an unique event to watch.

But above all, Jos wouldn’t be riding fixed gear if the awesome atmopshere around it wasn’t there. The family filled with awesome laid-back people ensures the fixed gear scene is welcoming for everybody.

Mark den Bakker

31, Living in Amsterdam. Graphic Designer in daily life.

I started riding about 6 or 7 years ago. When I met my buddy Steve, we began riding together, then got in to alley cats which eventually led to crit racing 🙂
The whole team became more than a team, good friends and drinking buddy’s!

Why you ride?

Riding with these guys in one team is a privilege…you share the same passion, race together, live, laugh, love.
All the extra’s it add’s something unique to daily life…and besides that it just makes me clear my head from the regular b*shit. I love my early morning commuter rides through the Dutch countryside, makes me much more relaxed the rest of the day!

Steven van Bovene

31, Illustrator, from Amsterdam.

Co-organiser for the NL Crit Series and team manager for Team Trouble.

Needs to keep himself busy to keep the ADD at bay.

Team Trouble

Why you ride?

Raised in a family practicing a wide variety of sports, tried everything from football to free fighting.

My dad would spend a lot of time running and on his bike, while I followed him into the running, cycling didn’t catch on till I built my first (shitty) fixie.

Being more into explosive sports sitting on a bike for hours just didn’t cut it, it wasn’t until I discovered alley cats that the love affair with bikes began.

At first I mainly competed alley cat races because of the adrenaline, but when fixed crits came in to play I switched over and have been a part of the Fixed scene ever since. Fell in love with the sport and the people and got 100%, head over heels involved.


What have Trouble achieved? 

3rd place, Haarlem Crit, NL, 2017

3rd place, Kralingen Crit, Rotterdam, NL, 2017

4th place(A-finale), National Mourtarde Crit, Dijon, FR, 2017

Bunch of top 5 finishes in the NL crit series, 2017

Future plans?

What Trouble lies ahead…….

2017 has been a game of two halves. In the year Jos joined, Steve’s knee has taken a real beating, meaning he is off the bike for the foreseeable future which indirectly makes him not only a veteran, but the new team manager, photographer and mascot of Trouble. He’s hoping to be back on the bike at some point next season.

We’ve also managed to recruit an additional team member, delivering the need for speed and style in the form of  Renwil [ aka ‘Mr Donut’, aka ‘ snackbar Molina’ ] who has been willing to join us to add even more smiles for all those miles. At RHC London we met fellow Paria rider Malcolm Richards who crashed with us for a few so we could show him the ways of the Dutch crit rider….. For 2018 he will be our international team rider, repping the Team Trouble colours abroad.

With the team complete, the goal for next season is to have some members of the team go from the B to the A league of the NL Crit Series. To make that happen we’re hard at work getting everything ready for next season and of course training our asses off. To make a long story short, we want podium spots! We plan on riding all of the NL Crit Series and of course try our luck at some international races such as Red Hook Crit, Rad Race and National Moutarde Crit.

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