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Ride the Struggle; Paria Custom Cycling Kit

We’ve team up with The Struggle, one of Yorkshire’s toughest cycling events to design their bespoke custom cycling kit.

This year there are two options to put yourself through abject pain but come away with the knowledge you have nailed some of Yorkshire’s most challenging climbs.

The team worked with PARIA to design a bespoke kit which embodied the unique nature of the ride, as well as nodding to the clear Yorkshire lineage. The white rose cues, coupled with clean design elements aimed to set this kit apart from your standard sportive kit; The Struggle is a unique challenge and we wanted kit to represent this.

On 21st May 2017, the struggle hosted 1000 riders who took on the gruelling circuit.

The Struggle sportive route is 108 miles long, taking in 9430ft over seven climbs set within North Yorkshire’s stunning scenery along the region’s best cycling roads.

The Route

Although there’s some challenging uphill segments, there’s plenty of fun, flat segments too. View the Struggle route and download the GPX file here: STRUGGLE ROUTE


Location: mile 5; Distance: 0.6 miles; Elevation gain: 281ft; Steepness: 8% avg
Bedlam on Strava

Hartwith Bank

Location: mile 10; Distance: 0.7 miles; Elevation gain: 458ft; Gradient: 11% avg
Hartwith Bank on Strava 


Location: mile 15; Distance: 2.4 miles; Elevation gain: 934ft; Gradient: 7% avg
Greenhow on Strava

Malham Cove

Location: mile 38; Distance: 1.1 miles; Elevation gain: 544ft; Gradient: 9% avg
Malham Cove on Strava

Park Rash

Location: mile 52; Distance: 1.2 miles; Elevation gain: 684ft; Gradient: 10% avg
Park Rash on Strava

Trapping Hill

Location: mile 80; Distance: 0.7 miles; Elevation gain: 369ft; Gradient: 9% avg
Trapping Hill on Strava

Two Stoops

Location: mile 94; Distance: 1.6 miles; Elevation gain: 680ft; Gradient: 7% avg
Two Stoops on Strava

Take a look at the course from the air, and hear some of the rider’s feedback in the video

You can now pre-enter the Struggle 2018 event, and get yourself training and in shape to take on God’s own County’s terrain.

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