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Paria Subvert Bib Shorts Review: Tom Yearby


Paria Subvert Shorts
Since I decided to start my light-hearted ‘racing career’ at the ripe age of 26, I’ve received the odd bit of free kit, from The Commute cafe in Ilkley, but also from Leeds based clothing brand Paria.

Earlier this year I came to acquire a pair of Paria’s premium ‘Subvert’ bib-shorts to go with their ‘The Commute collab’ jersey, the kit I will be wearing during the Ilkley evening road race and the Colne CDPP rounds at the end of May/early June.

I was pretty chuffed at receiving the shorts as they retail at £100 a pair, putting them towards the mid-high end price range. 

The big question though is how well these shorts would fair compared to the other Castelli and Santini pairs I own.

So, after 4 months and 2,000 miles of use, I thought I’d give a brief overview of my experiences so far. 

The Look

If there’s one thing that’s becoming more popular in cycling, it’s the minimalist look. Stealth carbon bikes, all black components, bold coloured clothing, it’s becoming the trend nowadays.

Gone are the days of clothing and componentry plastered with branding. Simplicity is key.

The Subvert shorts adhere to this style, with very minimal pattern working on the left leg band and a dark grey logo on the backside of the short.

The Fit

When I first put the shorts on I noticed how well they hug your body, especially at the top of your legs. The straps are just right too, not too tight or baggy like other pairs I’ve owned.

For reference I’m using a medium pair, I’m 5ft 10” with a 32” inseam and 30” waist so the sizing is spot on.

The next thing I noticed is how thick the chamois pad is, initially this felt bizarre, almost obstructive whilst standing and walking around. However on the bike it is extremely comfortable.

On the Bike

As I’d mentioned at the beginning of the review I’ve had the shorts for around 4 months and have been used in a mixture of conditions and over varied distances.

During the colder months of January and February I wore the shorts with leg warmers or a base leggings layer. I found the shorts to provide me with some coverage against the cold and were comfortable on the shorter rides.

More importantly, I’ve used the Subvert shorts on harder training rides and chaingangs, rides where you’re seated for a long time hammering the pedals and shuffling around on the saddle.

The chamois provided plenty of support and comfort where I usually experience a bit of soreness afterwards.

The difference with the Subvert shorts is that the chamois is thicker and covers a larger area compared to the other Santini and Castelli shorts I own. 

This means when you’re sat on the edge of the saddle trying to hold onto the wheel infront of you, your backside is still comfortable, even if your legs are screaming.

Despite the shuffling and rubbing on the saddle, the seams and stitching are still intact and like new where other pairs I own have perished after multiple hard rides, mainly due to the seams being in the wrong place.

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