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One of the biggest dates on the crit calendar is upon us; the first Red hook crit of the year takes place this weekend in Brooklyn, NYC.

We are lucky enough to have riders reppin’ PARIA in the race, and one of them just happens to hail from a local zip code. Here is a bit about Malcolm Richards: Mr gnarly_mvthafvcka in his own words

My name is Malcolm Richards, I’m 28 years old and from Brooklyn, NYC. I was born in Queens and raised in Brooklyn. Been living here til this day. I am a perioperative assistant for a health center. I only ride fixed gear for the love and passion for it. It’s not until recently I’ve decided to take it to another level with racing. I’m just super competitive and wanted to see if it’s for me. I grew up not having much being that my mom raised me and my younger brothers alone. I recall my father telling me that as a little kid I would always ride my bike up and down the street and I wouldn’t leave that thing alone. My first bike was when I was 4yrs old. I grew up riding bikes…from Mountain bikes and  BMX. I was always curious about road bikes and road racing when I was about 13 years old. I would always sit with him and watch road races on tv. My stepdad had a $5000 cannondale I would always mess with when he wasn’t around. One day, I remember taking that bike on some rollers; it didn’t work out well….I ended up in a whole world of pain.

It wasn’t until 4 years ago that I was introduced to the fixed gear/track bike. I used to hang out at my friend’s screen printing shop called Silkys where I was introduced to it. My buddy had this sweet Celeste colored Leader 725. They all recommend I get into it because they said that with riding fixed gear bikes there is no better feeling to get on a bike and escape from all your problems and it feels great. I bought my first fixed gear bike from a shop called NBKC. I was still new to the fixed gear thing so I kept a front brake on for a couple months.

Later on that year, I got into my first accident…getting hit head on from a commercial van. I was pretty banged up but I don’t know what it was, I just wanted to get back on the bike.

I recovered and a couple months later I bought a orange Mercier. I was in love with that thing. Unfortunately, the weekend I bought it, I got into my second accident. I was hit by a drunken driver on Memorial Day. I was rushed to the hospital and fractured the right side of my face. While recovering, all I thought about was getting back on the bike. My mom thought I was crazy. I remember my friend Xuran let me use spare bike the whole winter after that. I also realized brakes equals death and learned to ride brakeless and today I’m a pro at avoiding accidents.

Now, I mash through the city to every destination.


Over the next 2 years my love for the bike grew more and more. I flooded my Instagram with bike related things, me riding and my bikes. I didn’t think it would get me anywhere, but late last year Sam from Paria reached out and told me that he likes the content of my Instagram and likes my passion for the bicycle. From there me and Sam built a cool friendship and I started trying out some gear. I was super stoked when given the opportunity to work with the brand and when I mentioned to him that I would be racing Red Hook Crit in 2017, he was up for it straight away and  the guys at PARIA have been really supportive in my training and prep, for which I am super grateful.

It is a pleasure to represent Paria at Red Hook Crit this year. Such awesome cycling gear and great company. I am nervous as this being my first race but we all have to start somewhere. As it’s my first race, I don’t care how I do, I just want the experience to be able to take on the next three races. My training tips for preparing for a race is make a schedule and stick to it. One day rollers and the next gym back to back. Give yourself one rest day a week. Take two if really needed. I plan to continue training even after the brooklyn Red Hook Crit because next stop is. But I’m looking forward to this year’s season, new friendships and opportunities. Wish me luck!!

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