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PARIA X North Brew IPA

PARIA x Northbrew  craft  IPA.

We have brought the subversive Paria Bleka  design to one of our favourite products – ale.

An Old school traditional IPA with classic combo of Simcoe and Amarillo offering an aroma of orange zest and pine and a resinous, bitter-sweet palate of grapefruit and orange.

We have worked with Northbrew and their extensive craft brew knowledge (they were one of the first craft ale bars in the UK) to develop a little less weapons strength IPQ.

We launched it at our Paperboy event on Sunday 10th September (more details to follow of how well the went…) and every rider got a free can.

The beer will be available for a limited time on both keg and in cans across the North estate, as well as in numerous craft ale shops.

If you want a can, let us know and we can point you in the right direction.

Good times!


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