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It’s been a while in the making, but our craft cycling ale; PariaNorthbrew colab IPA is here.

And it looks DOPE.

Not every day you see your cycling brand logo writ large for all to see on a can of hoppy goodness.

After months of development work, days of scratching our heads and a fair bit of sampling work with different IPAs, we finally delivered a beer to be very proud of and we reckon the first true craft cycling ale We can’t take any credit for the brewing, Seb at Northbrew is the brains, braun and bad-ass behind the production. James at Refold has taken our Bleka design and spun it, creating a see through matt black label which showcases our bleach splattered artwork with clear patches showing the can beneath.

The flavour profile is Old school’ traditional IPA with classic combo of Simcoe and Amarillo offering an aroma of orange zest and pine and a resinous, bitter-sweet palate of grapefruit and orange

The beer will be soft launched on Saturday 9th September and will be sold at the Eat North event, and then after our PARIA paperboy ride.

Check out the reviews (mainly good; hopefully)

We attended the canning process and saw them that can in FULL ACTION. They have the most technical looking piece of kit known to man (it was also one of the noisiest freaking machines we have ever seen) looking like something Willy Wonka would have been proud of.

The beer will be sold through the existing North bars, as well as on their e-commerce site, and through their friendly craft ale shops, growler providers and bottle shops.  So craft cycling ale will be out in the community, and we are hopeful it will be well received by the cycling community, craft ale community and beyond.

Go forth and ride hard.

Paria Beer. Oh Yeah!

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