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Paria Cycling Cap From Walz

Adding to the Paria apparel range, we launch our first Paria cycling cap from Walz .

Clue is obviously in the title, in our commitment to quality in both terms of materials and design, we turned to Walz caps in San Francisco. Frank at Walz has been first class in his support and feedback, and delivered a Walz custom cap that works with the values we at Paria live and die by.

Cycling caps have come a long way from cyclists wearing them in the 1960’s/70’s/80’s for practical reasons. Back then keeping cyclists heads warm and dry were paramount in their choice of cycling cap. The peaks on their casquettes were worn down to shade the sun, or beat off the rain when racing in the stages of Le tour. When aerodynamic requirements took precedence, the rider turned the bill of their cycling cap around, and wore it with the peak above their necks.

Obviously since the 1990’s, safety awareness has become more and more prevalent and now an unless you are a real old school stalwart, you will probably have some hardened expanded foam, covered with a sleek durable coating rather than your basic screen printed cotton cycling cap.

However, there has been a resurgence of cycling caps as a fashion and cycling accessory. Cycling caps can be worn under the helmet for aesthetic reasons, but more commonly as an extra layer in the winter to keep your head warm. The fact a designer cycling cap happens to have impactful imagery on it is a bonus, yeah?

All this taken into account, we have taken our skull logo and developed it into a repeat print to show your allegiance on your cycling casquette to the PARIA brand.

The cycling cap is 100% cotton with a wicking strip along the forehead area which ensures both comfort and durability as you wear the cap.

The cap also specifically adheres to our brand principles of don’t look like a twat, and don’t produce shit cycling caps/ kits that is going to fall to pieces and smell in 5 minutes.


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