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Paria Streetwear Berlin

Just a picture of a Paria t shirt, in Berlin, with a spunking cock behind…. too good an opportunity to miss. You don’t get streetwear much more urban than that….surely? Paria bringing you pee pee based graffiti from all over the globe.

Paria was actually in town for a stag do, but it was amazing to see the cycling scene first hand here in the German Capital.  Seeing as we bombed the shit out of the place in the Second World War, architecture is one of stark contrast, with traditional gothic stone sitting next to brutalist concrete from the communist era. They literally connect to one another to form the most random city-scape. One of the side effects of this bombing is the cycling infrastructure – both directly and indirectly. The streets are  vast – almost the width of a football pitch. The commies appetite for wide boulevards and a city planning strategy which placed BIG at the heart of it’s white paper, leaves us with super-boulevards and real examples of cycling highways next to the car lanes.

Given these mega-bike lanes, one would think there would be no need to ride anywhere else, but you can cycle pretty much anywhere in Berlin. Parks, foot paths, rivers, bars etc. And to be honest, you literally can cycle anywhere in Berlin – the place is like Holland. FLAT. Pancake flat. Cycling has never been easier as in Berlin – getting around on two wheels can be for the faint hearted; minimal effort can be employed to get you from A to B, and then pretty much through to Z.

Oddly though, even with the super cycling infrastructure – drivers actually demonstrate a heightened sense of awareness towards cyclists. They actually expect a cyclist to be there, and don’t display the kind of hyper-ignorance displayed by many of the driving public in the UK. Even with our SMIDSY (stands for “Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You” ) campaigns , there still needs to be a seismic shift in our commuting and driving culture where the average cyclist doesn’t seem like a hindrance. The standard Berliner practice of actually looking first to see if there is a fahrrad in their path is refreshing at one level, and a blueprint at another.

So in summary – ride when you are in Berlin. It will open your eyes, it will be easily done and you will get to see parts of the city you wouldn’t have otherwise expected to.  Plus you will see how things really could be done properly in the UK…. we might have won two world wars and one world cup, but we have a lot to learn from our German bruder.

[We hired our bike from Fat Tire Bike Rentals ]


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