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Our first “organised ride”, The Paria Paperboy Sportive is organised with our friends at Northbrew to celebrate the launch of our IPA. The date is set in stone now – Sunday September 11th.

We’ve had the idea of doing an organised ride for our cycling community for some time and what better way to celebrate the launch of a beer than a hack around Yorkshire with the paperboy sportive.

We’ve got a nice meandering route out into the Yorkshire countryside, a few hills topped off with refreshment at a North Bar ‘s in Harrogate and Otley. There are a few climbs out of Otley (nothing too crazy but there is a gradual incline up over Norwood, and then on to the top of Stainburn forest (at 30 miles, and 35 miles respectively)

As anyone knows who rides out of North Leeds regularly, you pretty much can’t go anywhere without returning to a hill or incline. The end of the ride always has to be topped off with some form of ascent, just to finish your legs off once you have put in a few miles on the roads. This ride is no exception, with Creskeld lane, and the final few bursts up towards Alwoodley and King Lane.

Then it will be back to the brewery to recover, for a few beers, bit of food and a bit of a chat (probably poor chat from us – but hey ho).

We will be on hand all day to assist where needed, and hopefully chat about the beer, the kit, cycling and anything else you fancy. Be great to see the North Bar, North brew and Paria community get together, press the flesh and have some banter.

Entry gets you a PARIA drinks bottle, Northbrew socks, a PARIA IPA and donation to St Gemma’s Hospice.

Head over to Rider Hq to enter and join the party

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