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Paria Cycling Kit; Test Ride in t’hills

Thought we would give the Paria Cycling kit a testing in th’hills as well as check the stamina levels post the winter miles (after all they say Winter Miles make for Summer smiles)

So we headed over the pennines, planning a route which would take in the Snake Pass, Hope Valley – heading up over Mam Tor and finishing up with a hack up through Chapel En Le Frith, past Hayfield and into Glossop.


There was absolutely some climbing on this ride. Not bad initiation into the spring season for 2015. Also shows up where there might be a few gaps in fitness…..

The first climb out of Glossop was the trusty Snake Pass, which would be well known to the local Glossop Cycling Club, Glossop Kinder Velo. The clue to that cycling club is in the title “Kinder” which is at the top of the Snake, a whole 1680 ft worth of cycling to get to. Definitely a leg warmer, although it is a lovely stretch of road, with more of a gradual incline. You know you have done some work though…..

Once down the other side you have a good descent towards Lady Bower reservoir, before taking a right down towards Bamford, Hathersage and the Hope Valley. After the climbing of Snake Pass, there really is a nice bit of flat to get the quads driving away against, and you can get a nice bit of pace on.

You are lulled into a false sense of security though, as to get back over towards Lancashire, you pretty much have to cycle up hill.

We chose Edale Road and cycled over past Blue John Cavern, and Speedwell cavern. The climbing was pretty harsh, another 1696ft, so our legs were feeling it. My other half was pretty spent by this time. Plans to go wedding shopping had fallen by the way side, and we were starting to focus on getting home.

(Maybe  we bit off more than we could chew given we had a few beers the night before… climb on though.)

So final descent down into Chapel En Le Frith, and the drag back up to Glossop via Hayfield, Little Hayfield and Chunal.

Can thoroughly recommend the route; the Snake isn’t as omnious as it seems, a 5+ mile drag climb that is more gradual. The descent into the valley and past Lady Bower Reservoir is well worth all the effort put in.

So conclusion on Paria Cycling kit; performed well.

The cycling jersey was super comfortable with the silicone banding providing enough grip to the arms, without cutting off blood supply to your hands, but equally not riding up so you look like you are wearing a string vest. Bib shorts were really put through their paces, and the comfort was first class. The chamois ensured limited gooch pain, and left me capable of producing children (but have to admit i have limited pictures as i was so shagged)

Stay lucky people


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