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Paria Cycling Apparel X Sir Richard Branson

Well big news here at Paria towers…..we have only gone and won a competition to pitch Paria cycling apparel concept in an audience with Sir Richard Branson.

And not just your standard audience with Sir Richard Branson, but one 30000 feet above the Atlantic. JEEZ at the Upper Class Bar on one of his iconic Virgin Jets.

So Paria’s world cycling apparel tour starts with a trip to Detroit where we get to spread the Paria cycling kit message and vibe in the good ol’ USA. We have worked with some inspirational guys from the US scene, so will be great to go to a city and see it at first hand; the contrast between a city which has been famed for the home of the motor car, and motor industry vs the home grown talents of people like Detroit Bikes is something we find particularly fascinating.

It’s also not every day you get to spend time in the company of such luminaries as the Trading Director of Rapha, the founder of Cambridge Satchels, Julie Deane as well as host of media and the carnival atmosphere which follows the Branson man himself around. Not insignificant we would hope you will agree, and hopefully a fantastic opportunity to get Paria to the masses, and get some hints and tips into boot. Even if we manage to get 0.0001% of what these guys have achieved osmosed into us, we reckon we could be on to a winner….

Obviously, Sir Richard will be clamouring for some his very own Paria cycling apparel, so we are going to go that extra mile and get him some personalised God’s Own Country cycling jersey and a nice little cycling cap to boot.


Check us out (we are blushing a little now….) and keep your fingers and toes crossed we can deliver….


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