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Paria Cycling Apparel Photo Shoot in the hills

Paria Cycling Apparel Photo Shoot in the hills

So this week saw us venture into the countryside with a bit of Northern grit chucked in for good measure.

We have just finished the second stage of the photography for the Paria range by the quite frankly wonderful Pip Rustage

The brief for the shoot was to communicate our urban cycling credentials, but at the same time nod to road cycling in the hills. A lot of people who wear our cycling apparel are based in urban areas, but head out to the hills around their city to get the miles under their belt, and cycle on lanes and roads they wouldn’t normally get access to. Our cycling clothing design has reflected this with urban camo designs, 90’s Manchester rave and classic cycling kits of the 80’s all featuring as influences.

Where better to scout for locations than where these two worlds collide outside Manchester – former mill town Glossop, and then into the Saddleworth moors up above Dovestones. Both are patronised by our cycling brand ambassadors proud wearing their Paria cycling team colours. And both represent the straight down the line attitude we bring to our cycling gear design; no nonsense straight talking honest British cycling grit.

We decided to split the shoot over 2 areas – sunny Glossop for some of the more urban flavoured shots, and then the Saddleworth hills to show the cycling kit in all it’s glory in it’s natural velo based habitat.

Glossop delivered hail, rain, sunshine, strong winds all in the space of two hours. We still managed to get some awesome shots. Paria aims to bridge the gap between the urban and the rural both in vibe and in style, and Glossop gave us a great backdrop to get some wicked action shots on the bikes, as well as some static one’s with the old mills as stage.

The weather improved for the period we spent in Costa coffee, then we headed over to Saddleworth the wind got up, and we pretty much force are little nips off. Bullet like nipples aside the backdrop of the Diggle hills gave us some great shots on the bikes with the moody looking sky setting off the cycling kit designs to a plomb. Massive thanks to the models for sticking at it and having a laugh. It was f-ing freezing.

The ladies got some nice action shots tramming up the hills in Diggle, and they actually looked like they were enjoying it. Ladies cycling, and cycling apparel at it’s best….

Final shot of the day had Dovestones reservoir in the distance, and Manchester way way in the back ground. With a nod to cyclocross we got a shot with the camo-inspired Paria cycling jersey (Head Legs Arms Feet) in a cyclo-cross team style shot.

Top day all round people.

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