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Paria Cycling Apparel launch

So…….the date is finally here; the Paria cycling apparel launch.

Months of sweat and tears, and maybe some blood when we got a paper cut, have produced a select range of cycling apparel we are very proud of.
Working with two artists; Freddie Denton and Jef Bucknall, we have selected some key designs which we think offer real difference to the products currently in the cycling kit market place.

We have taken an approach of alternative cycling apparel, when it comes to designs, not using your standard cycling gear designer, but drawing from the talents of people who have learned their craft from luminaries such as Shepherd Fairey, where we can look to bring some dissent into the pedestrian designs which can be prevalent in technical cycling clothing. We have also taken a wide brief with cycle gear design – drawing from the spots which featured heavily from the Grand Depart in Yorkshire Le Tour, to cycling jersey design incorporating camouflage. We wanted our kit to make a statement and stand out against the designer cycling jerseys which have often been muted.

Our brief when designing cycling kit for men, and cycling kit for women, has been to draw on graffiti, urban art as well as the roads and streets occupied by urban cycling. We are going to look to supplement our road bike clothing with urban cycling clothing you would feel as comfortable wearing on the bike, as you would off the bike. We like to think our cycle gear design will bring a new slant to cycling fashion.

Cutting edge technology has been used in the construction of our cycling bib shorts and cycling jerseys, sourcing technical fabrics from Italy to ensure the kit performs as good as it looks. Where we can, we source British cycle clothing and British Cycling accessories, keeping it real for the cycling scene. The fabric nerds amongst you can be satisfied you are getting bang for your buck whatever the budget as Coolmax is combined with Mondrian and moisture wicking micro bacterial beating polyester to delivery a high quality, premium range of cycling jerseys and cycling bib shorts.

We hope you are pleased as we are with our first cycling apparel collection.

Ride on people!


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