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Last Friday? Dan Hutchinson Hit A Car

Dan Hutchinson has been working with us at Paria for a while now and what first attracted to him are the most endearing parts of his being;  positive vibes, sense of humour and carpe diem attitude. This is something we value highly at Paria – pay it forward, push yourself but enjoy life.  His natural photographic ability and knack of catching people when riding at their most comfortable and representative of individual riding style, are always a pleasure to witness. Dan’s Instagram portfolio is always a down to earth curated affair and is a real counter point to the fakery out there. He has also written and blogged extensively, interviewing the guys from Anonimous for us.

We, as were many in the cycling community were shocked to hear he had been involved in a serious road accident whilst out riding. It’s crazy that something as simple as riding which has the ability to deliver such pleasure, can also leave one in a serious state of life threatening injury. Dan hit the side of a car whilst riding at a speed of around 25 mph. The results were clearly not positive, and we have asked Dan to run through the experience in his own words. We plan to check in with Dan and post out about it through his rehab and recovery as he looks to get back on his bike and we are sure you will join us in sending him some major love.

Dan’s words;

Friday, that day we all love because we wake up stoked and ready to have a night, out followed by a weekend with friends doing whatever we love right?

Well my most recent Friday was almost my last Friday.

I woke up nice and early to do my usual 30 mile ride, few photos for my brother-in-law and then a route back into my home town via some pretty countryside. Not a single thing felt out of place, even though it was raining, I was super happy smiling and waving at other cyclists to keep them stoked on the way to work you know!? Little did I know around 12 miles into my ride there was a dark turn waiting for me.

I’ve had a lot of really close calls in my life with the big ole grim reaper standing behind me waiting, but everytime I’ve laughed it off… I didn’t get so lucky this time.

If you’ve ever felt your own heart stopping you’ll know the thoughts and feelings which sprinted through my mind in the space of 10 seconds. As I approached the fatal moment I could feel something wasn’t quite right, but I carried on out of the saddle sprinting, feeling the rain blast against my face and legs; I was so unaware what hell I was riding directly into. The second I knew everything was about to go to shit, I saw everything I loved and held close to me flicker across my mind; I was at peace knowing what may happen next.

Throughout my life I’ve always been super interested in death and how some people can be at total peace, yet others fear dying their entire lives. So much so it almost stops them enjoying their lives, you know? I guess it takes a close call to open your mind.

At the point I hit the car, I was travelling around 25/30mph, with the car doing 15mph and all I can remember is darkness, slow echo of voices screaming and then nothingness. I came around lay out on the road, so stoked thinking ‘fuck I made it’, until I tried to stand up, and spewed blood all over the road. Luckily a first aider helped me back to the floor and made sure I couldn’t hurt myself by trying to move around (I’ve never been so thankful to have my head between another mans legs…!)

Back to black again, shaking, completely lost with unknown surroundings.

I came around again in the ambulance, with a paramedic thankfully feeding me morphine and reassuring me everything will be alright! Once I’d come around fully, I was surrounded by nurses and doctors in a hospital room asking me questions about my name, age and how I was feeling… let’s just say my replies were a little muddled up. All I remember is finally sitting up after being strapped flat to a bed to prevent more damage to my spine, followed by spewing up three buckets full of blood and coconut porridge… not my favourite things to spew up. My mother and 2 sisters watched on not knowing if I was coming or going, which killed me because in between spewing I was trying to reassure them I was fine and I loved them. After having scans and tests the docs explained to me the extent of my injuries… Even I was surprised I hadn’t died at the side of the road that morning!

Broken shoulder, fractured both collar bones, cracked 6/7 ribs, fractured sternum, lightly punctured lung and a fracture in my spine… (My liver took a bang too but I’m pretty sure that’s from the weekend before with my boys, you know!) I may have been extremely high on drugs in the hospital, but I couldn’t thank the doctors and nurses enough for how kind and talented they had been to keep me alive! Really really opened my eyes to how talented those people are!

Dan in recovery

I spent 2 days in the hospital, check ups and constant tests to make sure my spine and lung injuries were healing correctly without complications. I started to become extremely anxious and mentally affected by being on so many drugs. At the same time alone in a room left with my thoughts, really started to scare myself juggling what could have happened, or if the complications could kill me. Definitely a very dark time being that alone but surrounded by people who knew nothing of what I was thinking about. I’ve learnt to use these times to educate myself on how I react to certain situations, especially one as screwed up as almost dying.

Acceptance, I know and understand my situation.

Healing will take a lot of time, I have to slow right down and let my body become strong again as well as my mind. Over the coming months I’ll write a piece on how I’ve been effected and how I am dealing with the ups and downs of the accident/injuries. Please don’t hold back, if you’d like to contact me or ask any questions please email [email protected] Thanks for being here Dan

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  1. Kev D says:

    Ouch! Good luck with the recovery dude. Take the positive, you have a good excuse for a new ride 👍🏻

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