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Chris Finnan; Track Bike Rider

Chris Finnan has been riding for us in Paria gear for a while now, and recently has filmed some footage with us and QUOC shoes, which show cases his riding. We wanted to understand a bit more about what has motivated Chris to do what he does, where it his passion for riding originated from. Also where he is going next on his journey.

Below are his words.

“I started riding about 4 or 5 years ago with my dad and his mates. It was nothing big, just a 30 mile ride every Sunday which felt like a whole day in the saddle (it literally took us around 3 hours). Even then, I couldn’t last the ride without bonking 5 miles from home. I sort of got bored then, but a few years later I joined a cycling club in Liverpool called “Liverpool Phoenix” I’m still with them now, that’s when the obsession started.

Chris Finnan - Paria Rider

“Fixed gear wasn’t a thing for me then, didn’t even know what it was. I started seeing a few lads I know riding on a Friday night around town, big bunch, about 20 of them. So I looked into it and thought “riding fast with no brakes on main roads is my kind of stupidity”, so that’s what I ended up doing. Pretty much Since then that’s sort of been my main riding style, minus the stupidity, I’m pretty safe. Still haven’t got bored of the age old question, “you ride a bike with no brakes?”. I actually enjoy explaining the whole concept of it. I was always watching videos on YouTube of San Francisco messengers and Lucas Brunelle, you know the obvious ones everyone knows. I always wanted to film and just ride my bike. I don’t know what it is about it, I just love it, I love getting out and listening to music, it’s like a release. Plus, when you’ve got people who love it just as much as you, just makes you more eager to get better, faster and stronger.

“So now I’m over the casual riding and socialising, it’s time to get down to the gritty stuff and race! As well as track bikes I like to have a go at time trials and road racing, my first road races will be next year (2018) but that’s something I’m not really focusing on at the moment. My main goal is Red hook and I think that’s everyone’s who races Fixed gear. The atmosphere is incredible and the buzz from the crowd is just something else, and that’s coming from someone who’s only watched the live streams. I’ve sorted of got the feel for racing, this year (2017) I raced Thundercrit for the first time, I made it to the finals but never came anywhere close to the top of the board. You’ve gotta start somewhere, right?”

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