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Since PARIA was launched, we have worked closely with the guys who ride brakeless from LA. who form the BRKLA

They have been advocates of our kit, reppers of our designs and all in all exactly the kind of people we want to both wear our gear and be part of our community.

Their mantra of “Give Cranks” has inspired our current tee, and will feature heavily in our range for 2017.

Below there is a quick insight into who they are, what they do and what drives them in their own words


We are Los Angeles based commuters raised in LA, urban cyclist, fixed gear bike enthusiasts, racers, artists, fathers, husbands and athletes.  We ride hard and give cranks daily for all the support we have had along the way.


What do you do:

We commute to and from work every day, on the mean streets of Los Angeles and find adventures along the way.  We ride fixed gear track bikes and our legs never stop moving.  No commute is easy for us, we climb hills, fight rush hour traffic, avoid police and try not to get hit.


What’s the background to BRKLA ?


In 2015, ROQ “Roque” and Trillog “Chris” cofounded BRKLA, as co-workers and friends as a way to document their daily commutes into work on brakeless bikes and around the City of Los Angeles.  Prieto_Negro “Jaime” joined soon after as a fellow co-worker with the same enthusiasm for bikes and commuting.

Together they have started the #RYBTW (ride your bike to work) movement and have shown through riding that commuting to work in LA is possible, even on fixed gear. Every day they ride 20-30 miles into work, changing routes, meeting friends, getting lost, climbing mountains and finding the best coffee in town.

BRKLA is not just a “Klub” but a way of life, staying healthy physically, mentally and giving cranks for everything life offers them. Individually they have become Ambassadors for PARIA and Aventon Bikes, giving them a true perspective into how they and their bikes perform on the streets.


Where you are going?


As a “Klub” BRKLA hopes to grow in the community, bring awareness to the streets, race hard and challenge each other.  We look forward to growing as brakeless riders and artists.  Developing a brand for the streets that is respected and creating content that matters. In 2017 we are looking to develop our crit presence as we use the strenght built on the streets to compete against some of the gnarliest of riders.

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