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Blogging out the pain X Anonimous Cycles

Anonimous Cycles

Our guest blogger Dan Hutchinson who rides for us here at Paria, and also runs two Instagram vlogs/blogs (Eyes Behind the Bars/ 52mm Collective) interviews Anonimous Cycles MD – Erman

Words: Dan Hutchinson

Bikes man, seriously BIKES!?

Is definitely what people say when they ask what I do for a living, I’d say job but nobody enjoys their ‘job’… Right?

Do you love something so much that you will spend the rest of your life developing and nurturing your way to the final chapter?

Would you push your mind and body to its furthest limits to guarantee your loves supremacy?

Could you stand Anonimous and let your love speak volumes to its peers….

Welcome Anonimous Cycles.

First interview for the guys and girls at Anonimous, lets see how we get on!

I personally followed Anonimous Cycles for a long time before contacting the guys on a professional level, so i’ve seen the beginning of their journey into the cycling world but for those who are new to the brand, here is a short intro!

“Anonimous, or rather Anonimous Cycles is a bicycle company based in Switzerland. We may have started with track frames, but we’re not solely a track frame company. We manufacture track bikes, road bike, cyclocross and time trial frames. Made from aluminium, carbon and whatever the future will bring. We make technical clothes, high performance bike parts, and god knows what we decide to do next.”  

Words by Erman Anonimous Cycles MD

Early days :

When was Anonimous Cycles born?

Anonimous, as a brand, was born in 2017. But the idea of manufacturing our own frames, or say bicycles, came up earlier. But as it is with wanting something and being able to really do it; time, knowledge and money were simply unmanageable obstacles. So let’s stick with 2017. Yeah, we’re brand new.

I think we can all agree after you’ve felt the buzz for rebuilding traditional bikes and riding your ‘creations’ the next step is always going to be “Hey has anyone got a jig and knows how to weld…” and “who’s has enough cash”

Was it all a dream or were you set on building / owning a cycle company?

Yes, and no. Back in 2010, we used to restore classic road bicycles. We turned some into fixed gear bikes or did some customisation work for friends. But the more we dug deeper into the art and history out these beauties, the more the idea of having our own brand took shape. And I think that was the turning point. This was around 2014 I think. We would research bicycles and frames from different manufacturers in between work, social life, sports, etc. We knew, if we really wanted to do this, we had to do something gnarly. Yeah, the bar was not only set high, it grew higher every damn day. You have to understand, we could have just taken a couple OEM frames and parts and relabeled them with our logotypes. But, we wanted the real deal! And that meant even more research, more time, more everything.

(Please excuse my Biggie Smalls reference in the title…. )

See, I definitely feel the strong vibes from Anonimous, I know how deep customising bikes alone can go; but to push harder and higher on the bar I’m certain myself and your customers will not be disappointed with their choice of Anonimous cycles.

Originality will always be a great concern but when have the Swiss ever made a mistake, seriously? Exactly…

Any main influences within the cycling building world or personally?

I wouldn’t say there were main influences. We were in love with bicycles and the culture. Every aspect fascinated us. From the materials of futuristic looking time trial bikes to the small details in the paint job of classic road frames.

There you have it, our lives are built around the little influences from a million different aspects that collectively create our own unique future. Thankfully Anonimous Cycles are influencers and not the influenced!

What thoughts were running through your mind once you’d sealed the deal and begun the process? 

Damn, all sorts of things. You should know, we are… let’s say “a special duo”. We would constantly change things, we still do! And that can be super mind-boggling. Because if we were going to do this, it’s got to be perfect. That was going through our minds. Don’t get us wrong, we were not searching for the perfect bicycle. But something we can be proud of. Something that makes the heads turn and feel like it complements the rider. Something that feels and rides super smooth. And on top of things, something that even professionals would use. But try that with a limited budget.

I go back to my original statement of “who’s got enough cash” BUT I’m a dreamer and I believe anything can be achieved with the right attitude, support and trust. I mean seriously its how I’ve got through life!

Also to hear you’re a Duo is great, so many compromising moments but you’ve kept super strong this far! I’m sure the builds will reflect all of your efforts and strengths.

The half way point!

Any major regrets or incidents? 

As mentioned earlier, we are perfectionists. Consequently, everything took longer than expected. But there weren’t any real regrets or incidents. Well, we could have made a business plan or something similar to it. But we decided to take one step after another and incorporate everything we learned into the next step we took.

I am 27 years old in a week or so and I tell you my mum says every day perfection takes a long time and apparently she’s still waiting… No idea what that even means but hey when it comes to building Swiss bikes I can relate! Time is no object, perfection has no limit at the Anonimous Cycles HQ.

How many people work for and along side Anonimous Cycles, are you strictly business or family?

We started as a duo of two very close friends. But with the help of all the people we met during our journey, the #anonarmy grew. The guys at the factory, the paint-shop, our riders, friends, families and everyone else we still have to meet. No rivalry, no attitude, but a lot of fun and heart. Everyone is family. Family is everything.

Earlier I mentioned trust and support, again you cannot build solidarity with out these as a foundation.

I feel Anonimous Cycles are going to go along way in a very humble and strong manor.

Had everything started to shape by this point and did the company seem a real project by now?

Let’s see… by this time, about a year had past, and we had yet to find a brand name. You can imagine what the rest looked like.

Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day…right? I’ll check my history but I think they did secure a name after the construction, so don’t worry guys!

Is there anything you would have done differently or added to the process at this stage?


Short, strong and sweet just how I like my women. This to me shows every detail has been looked over and questioned before regrets arose.

The final stages…

Finally you’re coming to the release and sales of Anonimous Cycles, after all the planning an production do you feel as if a weight has been lifted?

We’d wish. But what you’ve seen so far from Anonimous is just the beginning. So much stuff is in the making: new frames, swiss made parts, new materials, clothes, accessories, collaborations with exciting brands. So definitely no, the weight has not been lifted from either of us.

In your defence guys, that was quite the trick question… Answered exactly how I’d expect from Anonimous Cycles, always pushing those boundaries! 

Personally I cannot wait to see what range of clothing you will drop on us, because lets face it we all love buying clothing…Especially this Swiss kind!

Do you have a personal favourite Anonimous frame you will be riding and why that model?

All of them of course. Every frame has its own character. So it’s hard to favour one over another, at least for us. But our riders, who will spend a lot more time on these beauties and beasts will tell you their own stories soon.

Of course another strong answer, I know mine would definitely be the Gold Anonimous Track (seen below).

Hopefully we can catch up in the not to distant future with your riders and there stories!

When you look back over the time has it all been worth it and is Anonimous exactly how you imagined it would be?

Has it all been worth? We haven’t even released! But from an emotional point of view: yes! We love every inch of what’s happening, ups and downs included. 

Is it how we imagined it would be? No, and it never will be. As long as there is more to learn and do better, we will dream on. I hope we didn’t jinx it now. That would be…

See this is what i like to hear, the honest truth is 1000 times better then a typical ‘oh yes its exactly how we planned’… Because shit we all know thats a lie, right!?

Again progression is key to any growth, I don’t think you have any worries on the jinx Anonimous Cycles, you’re killing it in my personal opinion already!

Well final question…Whats in store for the Anonimous Cycles family?

Besides our products? Oh… most definitely hugs!

You guys have definitely shown me today that Anonimous Cycles are more than just a high end Swiss manufacturer, you are born and raised through all the best qualities by staying humble, creative, fun, intelligent and most importantly I know you love the lifestyle around cycling personally which is the icing on the cake to any customer that becomes involved with Anonimous Cycling.

Okay just one more question, Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (Classic question)

Thats two questions – In 5 years we will hopefully have mastered the perfect hug.

I’ll be the judge of that! If you have me back in 5 years, I hope to try these perfect hugs and cycles.


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