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Paria x Tim Pulleyn x Transcontinental Race Bespoke Cycling Apparel

Transcontinental Race Bespoke Cycling Apparel

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Tim Pulleyn (he of The Broken Line fame) when he races in the Transcontinental Race. We have worked with Lift Agency and LSF stalwart Sam Hodgson to deliver a bespoke cycling jersey, which will take cues from his custom Woodrup frame. Restrap are providing all the bike packing gear which Tim will need to make his way across Europe and the many mountain ranges in his path.

The Transcontinental Race.  is the culmination of over 12 months of training, constant weekly (if not daily) analysis to ensure Tim will be ready for the gruelling 2 week endurance battle.

As the website says:

“In the early days of bicycle racing there was a time when plucky riders took on long hard races alone with no team cars and soigneurs to look after them.  They were hardy and desperate men who ate what they could find, slept when they could and rode all day.  They weren’t professional athletes or men of means, they were “mavericks, vagabonds and adventurers” who picked up a bicycle and went to seek their fortune.

The founders of the Tour de France wanted to create a race of thousands of miles of cycling, whatever the weather and road conditions where “even the best will take a beating”  Often they would race long into the night to distances of over 400 km each day in stages that would take more than 18 hours.  Henri Desgrange, the father of the tour once noted that “the ideal Tour would be a Tour in which only one rider survives the ordeal.”

Somewhere along the way from a variety of influences, the grand tours changed to become what they are today; a race of the elite, held apart from the common cyclist by budgets, sanctions and industry.  Don’t get us wrong, the Grand Tours as they are now are great and exciting things.  We however also like the old way where a rider can simply pick up a bike, shake hands on the start line and race thousands of miles for the pure satisfaction of sport and no other motive but for the learnings of one’s self.

At the sharp end it will be a beautifully hard bicycle race, simple in design but complex in execution.  Factors of self sufficiency. logistics, navigation and judgement will burden the racers’ minds as well their physiques.  The strongest will excel and redefine what we imagine is possible, yet even experienced wheelmen may only be so bold as to target a satisfactory completion.

It will be no coincidence that the most prepared will be the most successful.  For those who rely on luck alone; Transcontinental Number 3 will raise the stakes.  Many will fail.”

One stage – The clock never stops.  Racers chose where, when and if at all to rest.

No Support – Racers can only use what they take with them, or what they can find en-route at commercially available services.

No Route – Only mandatory controls ensure that racers visit some of the most famous pieces of road in Europe and connect with the suffering of their forebears.  The rest is up to them.

Paria is super proud to have manufactured Tim’s custom kit, and be part of what we are sure will be one of the most amazing experiences of his life.

This represents the launch of our custom kit service, and is the inaugural piece to kick start our bespoke cycling apparel design offering.

The Paria brand has at it’s heart an objective to bring fashion forward graphics and design to bespoke  cycling apparel, coupled with highly spec’d technical fabrics and cutting edge technology. This transfers neatly into our custom kit design service, which will allow us to develop a bespoke design to your cycling kit, bringing your brand alive for your club, team, cafe, business, charity…

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