Unicorn Print Kid’s Cycling Kit Bundle :

Unicorn Full Cycling Kit


Unicorn Print Cycling Jersey

Unicorn Print Cycling Bib Shorts



Unicorn Kids Cycling Jersey

Unicorn Jersey Features

  • Short sleeve
  • Kids orientated cut
  • Moisture wicking high quality poly mix fabric
  • 16 cm zipper, 2 or 3 open pockets (according to size),
  • Loose hem
  • Loose sleeves




Whatever you want to order, please make sure that you have selected the correct size. If you still are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us.


                             104-110           116-122     128-134     140-146          152-158

AGE                             4-5                   5-6                  6-8              8-10              10-12

Height cm               104-110           116-122          128-134      140-146         152-158

Chest circ. cm.         53-57               57-63             63-69          69-75             75-81

Wasit Circ cm.           51-55                55-59             59-63          63-67            67-71

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Unicorn Kids Cycling Bib Shorts

Unicorn Kids Cycling Bib Shorts


  • Kids short cut
  • Flat lock stitched seam
  • Thick Silicone band gripper to leg
  • Drawstring to waist



Temporarily unavailable

This product is currently unavailable.


Unicorn Print Kid’s Cycling Kit Bundle featuring jersey, and bib shorts.

Rainbow coloured pooping unicorns prove you too can be a mythical creature on two wheels, complimented by our bubble Paria logo, setting you apart with this piece of kid’s cycling apparel.

A uni-sex cut cycling jersey designed for kid’s cycling with multi-coloured print of our infamous rainbow pooping Einhorn print, coupled with little Mr Whippy poops and shooting rainbows.

Premium Italian tech fabrics have been combined in this premium Unicorn print kid’s cycling jersey. A combination of coolmax fabric to wick moisture from body pressure points, deliver a hard wearing jersey with the tech capability required to support your kid’s riding.

Unicorn print kid’s Cycling Shorts -matchy matchy with the corresponding bib shorts for the Unicorn cycling jersey.

Premium Italian fabrics have been combined in these Unicorn print kid’s cycling bib shorts to deliver an innovative high performance piece of kit. This kid’s version of our award winning  shorts delivers the same comfort, fit with a standard shorts cut. This ensures your all day riding comfort has been taken care of

Our silicone leg grippers are designed to provide sufficient grip to your thighs to ensure no slippage up the leg, but without cutting into your skin. The silicone flexes to the leg shape, and ensures the shorts stay in place as you drive your pedals over minutes or hours or days. The Einhorn banding print sets the shorts apart from the standard black shorts, and ensures your kids can wear full Unicorn cycling apparel, or twin with other jerseys whilst nodding to your inner pooping rainbow.

We have also launched a range of premium Coolmax socks to ensure your sock doping game is on point, and you can finish off your outfit and the bottom of your legs with the Unicorn cycling sock.

At PARIA, we strive to work with artists and designers who are not necessarily native to the cycling design world, but understand the PARIA vibe. Paria is all about taking your riding seriously, but not yourself; push against the elitism within the sport and disrupt the road. We aim to take influences from outside the standard sphere of cycling kit design, and give them a spin on our cycling jerseys, cycling bib shorts, cycling jackets and cycling accessories. This ensures you stand out on the bike for all the right reasons, and should feel as comfortable on your velo as you do off. We want you to be able to finish your ride, no matter how long and feel like you could walk into a cafe and bar, order your post ride coffee or beer, and feel fine sat there in your cycling gear.

We collaborate with designers around the globe to showcase raw talent and deliver cycling fashion and designs which are unique. Paria supports the underdog and likes everyone to get a fair crack of the whip. If you fancy giving it a go, get in touch (wagwanATparia.cc). We always love to hear people’s ideas, no matter how random, and where it is possible to take our design direction. Clearly we have a view, and have a brand to run, so we can’t promise anything, but we are always willing to hear you out and look at your work. We embrace pay it forward, and pride ourselves on not being dicks; what goes around comes around has always stood us in good stead, and we want to generate, nurture and showcase talent where we can. Ride hard.