Unicorn Poop
Cycling Socks




Unicorn Cycling Sock

Product Details

75% Coolmax sock

Moisture Wicking

200mm Cuff for optimum grip

Technical Upper Mesh

Increased needle count for improved durability


M:  UK 3-6

L:  UK 7-11


Unicorn Poop Coolmax Cycling Socks the only time you will step in poop and be happy about it

Unicorns and Rainbows refers to a feeling of perpetual bliss; only to be described as pure happiness and satisfaction.




It describes what it means to finally find your true happy ending. Unicorns are nature’s most mystical creatures. When you find your Unicorn it will lead you to the end of the rainbow and to your “pot of gold”

“Unicorns are mythical creatures rainbows are reflections from the sun on to the rain and if you see unicorns I think you’re tripping balls and you need to lay of the weed”

Our Unicorn socks can be worn individually, or as part of our full Unicorn range of women’s cycling kit.

There is a sartorial cycling socks code out there to how long you need to have your socks when riding, so we designed these socks to hit the sweet spot in the calf – just so you don’t have to worry about such trivial matters, and can concentrate on enjoying your ride.

Find your happy ending with the optimum length cycling sock complimenting any of your sartorial statements on a bike.

Paria Cycling Socks are manufactured in the United Kingdom from premium yarns and premium high quality Coolmax to  will keep your feet warm when needed, and wick any moisture away. Meaning you can wear in all conditions and be assured your calves are clad with functional style [as well as looking DOPE.]

At PARIA, we strive to work with artists and designers who are not necessarily native to the cycling design world, but understand the PARIAvibe. We aim to take influences from outside the standard sphere of cycling kit design, and give them a spin on our cycling jerseys, cycling bib shorts and cycling accessories. This ensures you stand out on the bike for all the right reasons, and should feel as comfortable on your velo as you do off.