Cycling Socks



E Spark



Moisture Wicking | 200mm Cuff for optimum grip

Technical Upper Mesh |Increased needle count for improved durability



Black and gold cycling sock featuring coolmax and sparkler style trail design



Our Spark Cycling Socks are premium moisture wicking sock, your calves stand out when you are riding in any kind of condition.


M:  UK 3-6

L:  UK 7-11

Find your happy ending with  the optimum length cycling sock complimenting any of your sartorial statements on a bike.

All our socks are Made in the UK; these premium cycling socks will keep your feet warm when needed, and wick any moisture away. Meaning you can wear in all conditions and be assured your calves are clad with functional style.

Our cycling socks are constructed to ensure extra comfort when riding with reinforced knitted banding where the cleat sits on your cycling shoe and over onto the front of the foot to prevent rubbing or wear.

There is a sartorial cycling socks code out there to how long you need to have your socks when riding, so we designed these socks to hit the sweet spot in the calf – just so you don’t have to worry about such trivial matters, and can concentrate on enjoying your ride.

At PARIA, we strive to work with like minded people; they aren’t always native to the cycling world, but understand the PARIA vibe.  We have always prided ourselves on not being dicks, treating others as we would expect to be treated ourselves. Working with people who make the cycling scene that little bit better for their presence and want to move things forward. Often doing things a bit different, we want to collaborate with people who just “get it”.


*note the image used here is a digital reproduction of the sock. The artwork, sizing, logos, design are all true to the finished product – the actual finish of the sock is slightly different. Nothing to be worried about, as they are a cycling designed sock with life on two wheels behind the ergonomics