PRIA T-Shirt : £19.00


Ring spun High Quality T-shirt

100% cotton

Screen Printed PRIA logo detail front

Underscore P to nape of neck



PRIA T-shirt – contemporary cycling logo design on a classic tee; part of our PARIA range of cycling t-shirts.

Our T-shirts are inspired by life on two wheels, for wearing on or off the bike. We aim to give an insight into our vision of riding and what drives our passion for the world of cycling.

Only way we can get our logo on the front of the tee is to miss out a letter.

[and we wanted to look like our buddies at North brew ]

Paria Design Process is a simple thing to be fair…..

At PARIA, we strive to work with artists and designers who are not necessarily native to the contemporary cycling design world, but understand the PARIA vibe. We aim to take influences from outside the standard sphere of cycling kit design, and give them a spin on our cycling jerseys, cycling bib shorts and cycling accessories. This ensures you stand out on the bike for all the right reasons, and should feel as comfortable on your velo as you do off.

Our cycling t-shirts are no exception. This tee is a bit more basic than the rest of the t-shirt range. The design started out with us wanting to size up our logo. Problem is, Paria is a bit of a pain to over size and deliver a clean, Run DMC style design to a tee. After someone took the piss and said “you need to get a rid of a letter, mate”, we realised the answer was actually within this very piss take, so we have taken our iconic logo, dropped an “A” and hey presto – you have the PRIA tee. Subliminally we must have taken some direction from our old buddies at North Brew. They have abbreviated their superb craft ales (specifically Transmission & Sputnik) with devastating design effect, hats of to Mr Ockleford at Refold.