Bleka Cycling Cap : £17.00

Bleka cap

  • Fully sublimated
  • Breathable polyester
  • Bleach pattern
  • Paria Logo to lower side of bill


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Bleka Cycling Caps:  Capsnothats people….

Paria has always been a big support of cycling caps. Whether this be the traditional cotton screen printed cycling cap, or the newer kid on the block in the form of the sublimated cycling cap, we have always felt they provide an excellent addition to your outfit as cycling accessory when you are out on your bike.

Originally retro cotton cycling caps were used for practical means, where La Casquette, the humble cycling cap, a simple invention was designed to serve a practical purpose. For years cycling caps provided a bit of cool in the summer, and a degree of warmth in winter.

The peak of the cycling cap was to provide shade from the glare of the sun when out on the bike, or shield the cyclist’s eyes from the rain or snow.
Back in the day, the legendary Barry Hoban said cycling caps were worn with the peak to the rear of the head, so you were more aerodynamic. Casquettes were practical items which served a practical purpose, the branding and style was secondary when cycling helmets weren’t even a consideration.

More recently as cycling helmets have become adopted and now seen as essential pieces of cycling kit and not just an accessory (and rightly so), the cycling cap still has managed to retain it’s relevance to cycling and cyclists. There has been a resurgence in popularity with cycling caps, as they gain cult status from brands such as Cinelli and at events such as Red hook Crit.

So you can now wear a range of cycling caps, with styles, designs and cycling messages galore. Whether you be cycling in cold weather, cycling in warm weather, there are cycling caps to suit you and your cycling attire.

Pre bleached and pre distressed casquette to save you the effort.

Fits with our Paria Bleka Cycling jersey, cycling bib shorts and bidon range