It’s Just a Ride Cycling Cap : £12.00 £8.40

IJAR Cycling Cap


100% Cotton Cycling Casquette

Fabric banding to provide grip to the forehead

Screen Printed IJAR design

Screen Printed bill

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Paria Cycling Caps bring a little bit of flavour to your cycling headwear game, pimping that helmet just a little bit.

Bill Hicks told us life is “just a ride”; show your NFG attitude to life on two wheels.

Classic cotton Paria cycling casquette styling to show your commitment to the cause.

Screen printed Memphis inspired design in mono chrome, onto a 100% cotton cycling cap.

Paria has always been a big support of cycling caps. Whether this be the traditional cotton screen printed cycling cap, or the newer kid on the block in the form of the sublimated cycling cap, we have always felt they provide an excellent addition to your outfit as cycling accessory when you are out on your bike.

So you can now wear a range of cycling caps, with styles, designs and cycling messages galore. Whether you be cycling in cold weather, cycling in warm weather, there are cycling caps to suit you and your cycling attire.

At PARIA, we strive to work with artists and designers who are not necessarily native to the cycling design world, but understand the PARIA vibe. Paria is all about taking your riding seriously, but not yourself; push against the elitism within the sport and disrupt the road. We aim to take influences from outside the standard sphere of cycling kit design, and give them a spin on our cycling jerseys, cycling bib shorts, cycling jackets and cycling accessories. This ensures you stand out on the bike for all the right reasons, and should feel as comfortable on your velo as you do off. We want you to be able to finish your ride, no matter how long and feel like you could walk into a cafe and bar, order your post ride coffee or beer, and feel fine sat there in your cycling gear.

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