BLEKA Arm Screens : £17.00

Bleka Arm Screens; Features:

  • Flexi fit 4 way stretch fabric with elastane compound to ensure sleek fit
  • Mid-fleece lined to ensure heat retention, and soft to the skin feel
  • Thicker thermo-poly fabric to ensure maximum warmth
  • Flat lock stitch to maximise strength and comfort
  • Silicone branded gripper to bicep opening ensure no slip
  • Moister wicking and quick drying



Pre-bleached so you don't have to

Thermo aero fitted cycling arm screens, featuring our Bleka print.

Black base colour with bleached stained goodness on premium cycling arm screens.

Our cycling arm screens extend those days you can wear your favourite summer cycling jerseys, and give you another excuse to buy a few more cycling accessories. They also give you a bit of extra layering when wearing a windproof jacket or cycling gilet, stopping your arms from feeling the chill.

Arm-warmers really come into their own as we head into Autumn months, where it isn’t quite cold enough to roll out the long sleeve thermo jerseys and jackets,  but you are starting to get those arm hairs standing on end as the wind chill factor increase, temperatures begin to struggle to rise above double digits and the mornings take a while to warm up as you kick start your commute or weekend ride.

Our arm warmers are mid-fleece lined, with slightly thicker four way stretch fabric  to ensure your arms are kept warm, and body heat is retained. The elastane rich compound ensures fabric flexibility with an aero style fit, ensuring a form fit finish for your forearms.

Our Bleach design took inspiration from the occasional Domestos (other bleaches are available) based calamity; when you spilled bleach whilst cleansing that bathroom floor on your favourite garms and watched sadly as the colour slowly ebbed away into a rusty blotch.

At PARIA, we strive to work with artists and designers who are not necessarily native to the cycling design world, but understand the PARIAvibe. We aim to take influences from outside the standard sphere of cycling kit design, and give them a spin on our cycling jerseys, cycling bib shorts and cycling accessories. Briefs are often loose, with a general theme or direction offered up; but we want to work with the artist because of their natural style, look and feel. Without wishing to sound too earth mother, we just want to let them go with the flow and produce artwork which they feel resonates with PARIA as a brand, and the cycling space we occupy.

The resulting impactful cycle gear design ensures you stand out on the bike for all the right reasons. We aim to make you feel comfortable when riding your bike, happy to stand out, and for the right reasons. We also want you to feel comfortable when you are off the bike, wearing your technical gear to take in a post ride coffee or beer with your bike propped up outside. Inspiration is taken from the environments we spend our waking hours in; street art, street fashion, urban cycling, alternative sub culture, beer memorabilia, anti drugs poster, counter culture – you name it we have drawn on it.