Hjul X Paria Cross Bag

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Hjul X Paria up cycled cross bag

Ex-military tents repurposed to provide a super durable waterproof shoulder/ cross shoulder bag

Dual sited clips allow fixing to handle bars, or frame

The bag is made in the EU with genuine, recycled, military tent from the former DDR and YPA army.

X Pac fabric lined, to keep your stash safe from the rain. Combined with YKK Aquaguard zips, ITW buckles and military grade webbing to ensure durability. 

Size: 300 x 180 x 80mm (L x H x W)

5 L capacity

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Mark Brion
Underwhelming customer service

Unpleasant experience in dealing with their customer service. Made a big purchase that was supposed to go through ClearPay/Klarna so I could pay in instalments(as they advertised on their site). Never received the option to select and advanced to the next page where I was automatically billed the full amount. I followed up very nicely, almost immediately afterwards, with their customer service to cancel but they dismissed everything I said and instead tried to prove that I had somehow made an error and that I would just need to return the parcel at my own time and expense. They wouldn’t help me with the return postal fees or help with contacting any of their distribution partners to halt the freshly placed order that was bungled because of a faulty process on their company site (which they simply would not own up to). I was stuck wasting much precious time with a customer services rep who instead of helping resolve the issue or escalate accordingly was much more interested in parying and fencing with me through emails. Amusingly, when I asked to speak with a supervisor she did all but escalate to herself!

I’ve designed and tested these sorts of solutions for a living and am very used to using Klarna/ClearPay for other vendors, I am vigilant and watch all such steps very closely to be on the safe side. The issue I suspect is that they did not do adequate testing on enough web browsers or devices. Bottom line - I was ignored and am stuck with hear that I simply do not want as international postage fees and taking time off work to line up at the post office for something that should not be my issue, is out of the question. All this to say that I use to be a big fan of Paria.cc as I’ve shopped there for years for my kit, and of course am no longer going to do that. They were a fun and friendly bunch not given to mistrusting what a customer had to say before - but the stance they took just now (years after I last did business with them prior times mind you) showed their true and very different colors. Leaving a bad review is definitely not my thing, buyer please beware..