Do Cycling Jerseys Make a Difference?

Women's Long Sleeve Aero Cycling Jersey

Do cycling jerseys make a difference we hear you say?

Should I invest my well earned cash into something I would probably only wear on two wheels?

We've spent a lot of time designing and developing cycling clothing for people just like you. With all that work we decided to pull together some info on cycling kit so you know your race cut from your club cut.

1. Do I need a cycling jersey?

Like any other sporting discipline - cycling has A LOT of kit available to make your life on two wheels easier. It's really down to you how much you want to commit to kitting yourself out. Cycling jerseys make your ride more comfortable, they are ergonomically designed to function in the riding position (unlike that t-shirt you got from H&M 2 years ago which has the Friends logo on it).

If you are happy in your washed out gym tee - you go for your life. If you have found the flapping of excess fabric and exposed bum crack on show particularly annoying as you power down the hill near your Mum and Dad's - then read on...

2. Which cycling jersey do I need?

So you have answered yes to the question: do you need a cycling top?

Next question: how do you choose between all the different variations?

Like the wonderful world of denim - there is a lot of choice - at Paria we have simplified it: Club cut, Hoban cut, Race cut.

Paria Club Cut Skull jersey

Club cut cycling jerseys are a good quality starting point for someone who is new into the world of cycling kit. They combine technical fabrics in all the right places - tighter to the arms to prevent slippage, slimmer cut to reduce wind drag and with moisture wicking polyester to cool the body.

Paria's designs range from abstract and loud, to more muted, pared back designs. You can shout your allegiance from the roof tops whichever direction you choose, just own that self expression!

Race cut jerseys are for people who take riding that little bit more seriously. This level of jersey delivers a slim fit aero style. Think form fitting fabrics designed to reduce wind resistance and aid overall performance through that form hugging design.

With this in mind though, you don't have to ride like a pro to look pro - if you have the rig to carry these garments off - we say do it. Look pro - go slow.... it's a thing. 

 3. Loud and proud or shy retiring wall flower?

Paria's cycling kit range is all about banging graphical designs - we want you to stand out when you ride out. So it won't take Sherlock Holmes to work out which camp we fall into when it comes to jersey artwork.

'we want you to stand out when you ride out'

However... we know not everyone wants to be the 1 in 10 in the group who punks it up so we are adding a few muted tones into our Hoban collection this year just so you can ease yourself into being bad ass.

Cycling clothing comes in pretty much every colour you have ever heard of (and plenty you won't have) so you are not going so struggle to get yourself something that is an external manifestation of your inner self. 

4. Full kit wanker.... or not?

Are you Matchy McMatchyson or do you want to juxtapose your muted grey cycling top with some empire yellow bib shorts? Age old question  - how much kit co-ordination is too much kit co-ordination? Do you need to make sure your socks match your cap? Do your shoes need to set off the deep blue of your eyes.... we will leave that one to you. Go forth and kit yourself up my friends.