what is the best winter clothing for cycling?

The age old question - what is the best winter clothing for cycling? What does a cyclist's winter wardrobe need to have to allow them to carry on riding when the days grow shorter, nights grow longer and the temperature drops out on the roads, trails and tracks?

Our range of winter cycling clothing covers a range of kit for on or off the bike, whether you want long sleeve jerseys, bib tights or for a more casual look with our cycling hoodies or sherpa fleece. Just because it's winter, you don't need to lose those Steezy vibes on your kit.

Women's Fall Long Sleeve Cycling jersey

When Autumn kicks in, it's often difficult to know what to wear to regulate your temperature on the bike. Cold Fall mornings before a ride can often turn warmer as the days heats up and you start to exert yourself and raising that heart rate. Where as your thermal cycling jersey seemed like a good idea when you kicked your ride off keeping you nice and toasty, you are now in a world of sweaty pain as the day progresses and you are putting down the watts.

Camo Cycling Base Layer

Layering can help here, adding in clothing which you can peel off as it gets warmer, and you get hotter. Cycling base layers provide a moisture wicking barrier between your skin and your gear, allowing sweat to be pulled from the skin but retaining your body heat.

Black Cycling arm warmers


It's then a case of personal preference and weather conditions. If the temperature is going to head over the 12/14 degrees C, you might be comfortable in a short sleeve jersey and adding in a pair of cycling arm warmers. These can be rolled up our down as the conditions dictate. You can replicate this approach on your bottom half - using knee warmers to extend coverage over to above the top of your calves. This means your bib shorts will have an extended opportunity to grace that group ride and you can keep your pins on show. Again means you can regulate your temperature and overall comfort on the bike.

Long Sleeve winter Cycling Jersey Tattoo print

Adding in those layers for colder days means thicker fabrics on your winter cycling jersey, usually fleece backed with properties which protect you when temperatures head south. This doesn't mean you need to look like you are scaling Everest - our Abandon Ship design will keep you warm as well as keep you looking dope.

Black Cycling gilet

Continue the layering theme to add in extra insulation. If you want those arms free, add a gilet which can provide a barrier to any prevailing wind and light rain showers.

 Cycling neck warmer with 90's geo print


Any exposed bits can be covered with accessories like neck warmers or snoods. Buff style cycling scarves come in a variety of designs, and can stop the wind from creeping through any cracks in your winter armour.  


Thermal cycling bib tights

Again - the same for your bottom half with cycling bib tights. Fleece backed, thermal coverage which still allow movement on the bike as well the essential chamois pad to keep that gooch comfy. with added reflective strips which will get picked out if headlights happen to cover your legs all adding in to improved visibility on the bike in poorer weather.

So you can keep riding through out those colder months and keep your cycling wardrobe looking on point.