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The creatives behind our designs

Keng Timsuwan

Keng Timsuwan

Keng is a bamboo tattoo artist who hails from Thailand. He has produced some limited edition pieces for Paria, showcasing his trademark south east Asian influenced work featuring symbolism from Buddhist and Asian philosophy. All his work is hand drawn, hand shaded and to be fair – shit hot. The shading and attention to detail is second to none and we are proud to have some of his artwork adorn some of our kit.

Keng’s talent for drawing was discovered when he began sketching at a temple in his native Thailand. The monks encouraged him by arranging some drawing and painting classes and then when he was ten they asked him to paint local temples with ornate Thai designs.

Keng was asked to become a Grand Master Monk, but his parents wanted him to finish his schooling. However he continued his visits to the temple and over time was introduced to the art of bamboo tattooing. This ancient technique involves a needle strapped on to a long length of bamboo which is then pushed in and out of the skin by hand. It is said to be slower but less painful and less likely to draw blood than the modern machine tattoo method.

Keng started to learn his craft at the age 15 when he would practice and practice on pig skin and fruit. Over time, he graduated onto tattooing soldiers to give them strength and protect them in combat. Keng faced conflict in his life. He wanted to be a tattooist but he knew pursuing it as a profession would be against his family’s wishes. With such a strong family tradition and unit an Thailand, Keng had to follow his father’s plans of becoming a Dr and attended medical school. However when his father passed away Keng went onto pursue his dream of bamboo tattooing.

The Bamboo Rooms was based in Shipley until 2013 where it had a loyal following of people loyal to the bamboo way, and Keng’s unreal hand drawn artwork. Keng and his family, and the Bamboo Rooms are now located in in the Fisherman’s village at Bohput, Koh Samui. Well worth a trip!

Jeff Bucknall

Jef Bucknall

A perennial bloomer in the artistic world of Paria, Jef has produced some simple graphic images which draw on obvious and not so obvious cycling influences. His simplistic yet impactful style works well works in tandem with the Paria philosophy of rocking the apparel world.

Jef’s corporate team building questions

What’s rocking your work world today?
Your Mum

What characteristic do you value the most in your coworkers?
Big boobs, and for the women sparkling personalities

What is the most important personal attribute that you bring to your job?
Giant hands

What’s one work-related skill that you’d like to develop, especially if you could do it easily?
Silent Bullshit filter

What coworker characteristic do you find most irritating?
Your Mum

If your workplace was a tree, what kind of a tree would it be and why?
Xmas tree as they give great wood

Alex Dyson

Alex is a well known figure on the Leeds Fixed Gear scene, as well as within the larger cycling community. Having played a integral part in developing and refining work across the Restrap brand (amongst other more mainstream brands), Alex was a no brainer of a choice for us to work with for our Outside Convention capsule collection. His recent work on kit for Tokyo Fixed under -lined why we were right (http://www.tokyofixed.cc)

I am a graphic designer with a strong passion for the concepts and construction of brands, fused with an interest in the impact that can be delivered by type & image in the form of both physical products & screen based media.

I graduated from Leeds college of art in 2015 with a first class honours degree in graphic design. I am now working as part of the creative team at the lift agency producing work for clients like Mark Cavendish, Daniel Ricciardo, John Smedley, Arsenal FC, European Tour and many more (http://www.theliftagency.com)

On the side I work part-time for restrap conceptualising and executing packaging design, illustration, web assets, printed media, photography and film. I also work as a graphic designer for events company Bassment completing work for their flyers, merchandise and other artwork.